“Brad Pitt grabbed Angelina Jolie by the head and tried to strangle one of her children”: The New York Times revelations

Brad Pitt grabbed Angelina Jolie for the head e tried to strangle one of his sons. And the New York Times to add a new possible chapter in the post-wedding quarrel between the two famous Hollywood stars. We already knew about the furious quarrel on their private jet in 2016, the famous “straw that broke the camel’s back” for the actress. Today, however, we have an element, however partial and all to be verified in the trial, in addition. Jolie’s shocking detail statements were released by the NYT following a week-long counterclaim filed by Jolie in the Los Angeles Superior Court. The complaint, as the New York newspaper recalls, came as a result of another document that was to remain secret but which instead has ended up in all the newspapers in these hours. Jolie’s legal team said negotiations to sell Pitt her stake in their winery, which they once owned as a couple, failed due to the plaintiff’s lawyers’ request for a confidentiality clause that the actress agreed to. she refused to sign. In the clause “She would be contractually prohibited from speaking out of court about Pitt’s physical and emotional abuse of her and their children.”

At this point the woman literally let off steam by putting pen to paper a couple of events that took place, in her opinion, on that flight, from France to California, in September 2016. The couple with their six children were present on the jet. Jolie’s story begins inside the jet toilet where only she and her ex-husband are found. The reason for the quarrel in the bathroom of the plane would have been that of a Pitt furious at her “too much deference” to the children. At that point the interpreter of Inglourious Basterds would “grab Jolie by the head and shake her, then grab her by the shoulders and shake her again before pushing her against the bathroom wall.” “Pitt – continues the statement of Jolie’s lawyers filed in the counter-suit – he then punched the ceiling of the plane numerous times, prompting Jolie to leave the bathroom “. At that point, one of the couple’s children would have intervened in defense of the mother, but Pitt would have suffered it caught by the neck trying to “suffocate” him and then he would “hit another son who ran towards him with a slap on the face”. Yet: I don’t pay, Pitt would have “poured beer on Jolie and red wine on the children.”

Federal authorities, which have jurisdiction over flights – explains the NYT – “They investigated the incident but refused to file a criminal complaint”. Days after the trip on the plane of discord, Jolie filed for her divorce. Pitt’s attorney, Anne Kiley, claimed that her client had accepted responsibility for some actions in her past but that she would not accept responsibility for things she had not done. The judicial battle between Jolie and Pitt lasted for years over custody of their children. But recently it was enriched by a lawsuit filed by Pitt against his ex-wife regarding the violation of the “contractual rights” of Jolie who sold half of the French winery Château Miraval, once owned by her ex-husband, to a subsidiary of the Group. Stoli without his approval. It was on this occasion that Pitt’s lawyers offered the confidentiality clause on Pitt’s behavior which Jolie refused to cross-sue.

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