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The last great movie stars are living their last moments of dazzling brilliance. Besides Pitt, these performers are in the final stages of their respective careers.

Despite enjoying several recent successes, including an Oscar for Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood, it seems that Brad Pitt sees its sunset closer and closer. The actor has spoken about how he is already seeing the last stage of his acting career and is beginning to design how it can be.

Pitt’s case is not unique. The actor joins the latest breed of Hollywood stars who are opting for a gradual withdrawal from acting. We are facing the last brilliant moments of these famous interpreterswho together with Brad form the last generation of real stars that we have seen lead projects on the big screen.

Gary Oldman


After winning the Oscar for Darkest Hour in 2018, the British star of films such as Bram Stoker’s Dracula or the most recent Mank has been managing more of the projects in which he has appeared. Right now she is starring in the Apple TV + Slow Horses series, and hopes to continue in it as long as the platform continues to renew it, but also hHe has assured that he is seeing his “last days of sitting in a chair to put on makeup”.

Apart from Slow HorsesGary Oldman is yet to appear in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer.

George Clooney

Hilary Bronwyn Gayle

The former ER star, successfully turned movie star, is also cutting back on screen appearances considerably. The main reason has been his interest in advancing his career as a director, in recent years carrying out projects such as Midnight Sky (which he also starred in) and The Bar of Great Expectations. George Clooney is finding more passion in this facet as a filmmaker than as a performer, and this could precipitate his decision to abandon his appearances on screen.

For now, we can see him alongside Julia Roberts in the romantic comedy Journey to Paradise, which will be released this year.

Jim Carrey


The star of Sonic the Movie 2 has also spoken that he feels he has “done enough” at this point, and that At 60, he could retire as an actor. The Canadian seems to find more pleasure in other artistic projects, such as the world of music, collaborating with the singer The Weeknd.

Jim Carrey doesn’t have any projects on the horizon right now, but it may change things if Paramount goes ahead with the Sonic franchise with a third movie.

Julia Roberts


queen of romantic comedy has been more selective with its projects recently, opting for small dramas such as Ben’s Return or television projects such as Homecoming or the recently released Gaslit. The lack of interesting projects in Hollywood for women her age may precipitate a withdrawal that does not seem so far away.

At the moment, Roberts has pending the premiere of the aforementioned journey to paradise and is shooting a new movie for Netflix with Denzel Washington.

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