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The Hollywood star and heartthrob has just announced Le Domaine Skincare beauty products, which cost up to R$1,774

Brad Pitt launches cosmetics line based on grapes produced at his winery in France
Interestingly, Brad Pitt’s beauty products use raw material from a vineyard that also belongs to Angelina Jolie (Photo: YouTube/The Hollywood Reporter/Reproduction)

American actor Brad Pitt, 58, has just launched a cosmetics line for men and women called Le Domaine Skincare. Curiously, according to the American magazine Newsweek, the products, which cost from R$354 to R$1,774, have grapes grown in a French vineyard in the formulation, which is disputed in court by the Hollywood star and his ex-wife, actress Angelina Jolie, 47 years old – they are the parents of six children: Knox Léon, Vivienne Marcheline, Shiloh Nouvel, Maddox Chivan, Pax Thien and Zahara Marley.

As the magazine shows, the actor launched the beauty products brand with the help of the French Perrin family of winemakers. The antioxidants present in cosmetics come from grapes grown on the Château Miraval estate, located in the province of Correns, in the south of France. This venue, acquired by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in 2008, was also the venue for their wedding.

Château Miraval is where they used to spend their family vacations, Newsweek reports. The actress reportedly sold her 50% stake in the winery to the company Tenute del Mondo in October 2021.

While Pitt did not name his ex-wife at the launch of Le Domaine Skincare, he said the purchase of the French property took him down an unlikely path, in this case, the skin care market and, of course, wines.

Brad Pitt launches cosmetics line based on grapes produced at his winery in France
Le Domaine’s products have grapes in the formulation (Photo: Le-domaine.com/Reproduction)

“Coming this far, at Château Miraval, has opened my mind to ideas that I normally wouldn’t have. And a large part of it has to do with sustainability, the idea of ​​zero waste, which is something very important to me”, says Brad Pitt, quoted by the American magazine.

According to the Hollywood heartthrob, he just wanted a beautiful property to enjoy this region of France, and “happened to have a winery.” “And we had a ‘bleeding’ of tons of dollars. So we had to work. We went on a search for winemakers and found Marc [Perrin] and his family”, says the artist.

The announcement of Pitt’s new cosmetics line comes weeks after a company founded by Angelina Jolie filed a $250 million lawsuit against him over French ownership.

According to Newsweek, the lawsuit filed on September 6 accuses the actor of making a move to “take control” of the 5.26 km² Château Mirav “in retaliation” for the troubled divorce and custody process. of children.

According to the lawsuit, the two movie stars have invested tens of millions of dollars to improve and modernize the property, although they accuse Brad Pitt of wasting a fortune of company resources on “pure vanity projects,” including more than $1 million. (R$ 5.14 million) only in one swimming pool.

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