“Brad Pitt must hand over the winery documents to Angelina Jolie”: the judges’ first decision on the € 100 million property

Angelina Jolie 1-Brad Pitt 0. We are only in the first half of the “war of the rosé” between the two ex-spouses but a first partial victory should be reported for the actress who, with a move by her lawyers, obtained the right to receive the documents from the Los Angeles court of the winery Château Miraval which Pitt had long denied her. At stake is the sale of the estate from 500 hectares in the south of France (purchased for 55 million euros and estimated today at least 100), where millions of bottles of a prized rosé are produced every year, which has become one of the best in the world. Jolie has been wanting to get rid of it for some time, but Pitt is opposed.

The battle of the Brangelina on the castle in France
Divorce between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt for some time now it has been a show process in which financial issues hold sway as much as the joint custody (never signed) of the six children. The two actors have not agreed on practically anything, any pretext is good to engage in another legal battle and the castle with its cellar in Miraval, in Provence, is one of the harshest battlegrounds. Purchased in 2008 and the scene of their marriage, the ex spouses hold the shares at 50% but Jolie has decided to sell her part to cut all ties, even in business, with Pitt. He dragged her to court a few months ago by accusing her of not respecting the pact which stipulated that neither of them could sell the shares of Château Miraval without the consent of the other. “He only did it to inflict pain on Pitt“, Claimed the star’s lawyers, before revealing another unprecedented detail: the actress allegedly tried to sell her shares to the Stoli group, owned by the Russian oligarch Yuri Sheflerdefined by Pitt’s lawyers as an “entrepreneur with malicious associations and intentions” and branded as belonging to Putin’s inner circle.

The judges agreed with Angelina Jolie
Brad Pitt is therefore playing all the cards available, including those that would undermine Angelina Jolie’s reputation (for years she has been special ambassador of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and knowing that she does business with an oligarch close to Putin is a fair damage to her image), and she opposes explaining how selling would be a mistake as it would damage the value of the property, defined “An increasingly precious and expanding asset” also thinking about the future of the children. According to Page Six It is precisely at these hours an unexpected stance by the judges who are dealing with the case: after a month and a half, the Los Angeles court has in fact ordered the actor to deliver documents and business correspondence to his ex-wife, who had asked so far without getting them. Pitt hoped to slow down the sale. Will he succeed? New twists are around the corner.

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