Brad Pitt reopens the studios where Pink Floyd and AC/DC recorded

With summer approaching, Brad Pitt is going to reopen the famous Miraval Studios recording studios. Mythical place, located in Chteau Miraval, the famous estate and vineyard in the south of France, which Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie bought, and where they got married in 2014. It is also the place where in 1979 the emblematic album of Pink Floyd, The Wall.

The 600-hectare farm was the family vacation spot for the famous couple and their six children, for three years. Later, in 2011 they acquired it, along with the castle, for 35 million euros, also becoming the owners of Miraval wines and the recording studio. But, at that time, it stopped being used for recording.

Until 2021, a decade later, when Pitt teamed up with the French producer and composer, in addition to winning a EmmyDamien Quintard and both decided to reopen them: “When we met in Paris, we clicked immediately. It was an intense moment in which we just talked and talked about the sound”, Quintard has confessed.

such a place magical and in which leading figures such as AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Sade, The Cranberries, Courtney Love, Sting, The Cure have recorded -who recorded his famous Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me there-, had to be resurrected. And now, two decades after being dormant, the studio completely redesigned and built around a sound table customized by Pitt himself, to once again host musical sessions. static has been maintained minimalist, simple and pure, with much more open spaces compared to the previous one and with light entering everywhere.

Quintard said the new design has redefined a remarkable natural reverb in the venue and is now a space where you can produce any type of music, from pop and rock, to hip-hop and classic records.

How is Miraval Studios inside

Located in the heart of the wine region rose of Provence, is already inspiring. It has 7.5 meter high ceilings and a 320m2 live room, with a 100m2 control, but there are also separate recording booths and a space that houses vintage synthesizers and other special equipment. In addition to hybrid analog/digital capability and a Dolby Atmos system, there’s also technology to handle premixing for film and television. And it has already started accepting reservations for this summer of 2022!

There is also a swimming pool nearby, an amazing view, and a tower connected to the studio that can house bands and artists visitors, either for a day or a month. It should not be forgotten that the Pitt-Jolie family enjoyed themselves there for several summers; although after Chateau Miraval has been best known for the headaches it has given Pitt.

Miraval Studio, located in Provence, a regi

Miraval Studio, located in Provence, a wine region par excellence.

Problems between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

In 2021, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, 50% owners of Miraval and divorced, disputed the estate. Their approximate value is $164 million and Pitt sued Jolie for trying to sell her shares without consulting him and offering her the shares first as agreed. In addition, he argued that she had benefited from all the work, time and money that she had invested in growing the brand. Finally, Tenute of the World, group with wineries in various countries including Spain, announced the acquisition of 50% of Chteau Miraval, belonging to Angelina Jolie and becoming the new partner of the American actor.

Miraval rosé wine is also sold in Spain for around 16 euros. has very good fame; in fact, it has often garnered critical acclaim and is produced in association with the Perrin family of winemakers, one of the world’s leading winemakers. producers Going back to the Studios inaugurated in 1977 by French pianist Jacques Loussier and recording engineer Patrice Quef, they are now the new toy and illusion of Brad Pitt who, under his leadership, intends to make them grow: “When it reopens, Studio Miraval will not only be available to artists and record labels. We want to do different kinds of productions there: film, theater, fine arts,” Pitt and Quintard said.

Brad Pitt posing with a bottle of Fleur de Miraval.

Brad Pitt posing with a bottle of Fleur de Miraval.

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