Brad Pitt reveals: “I don’t recognize people’s faces” – People

For years Brad Pitt suffers from a rare neurological condition that prevents him from recognizing people’s faces. It is a disease that has nothing to do with memory or vision problems and with which the actor has been battling for years, Pitt reiterated in a recent interview with the magazine “GQ”.
Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband never received a precise diagnosis of the so-called ‘prosopagnosia‘, also known as’ face blindness’, which caused one of Hollywood’s most popular stars to isolate himself from the world. “That’s why I’m staying at home”, Brad confided in 2013 to “Esquire” magazine: “But many people hate me because they think I’m disrespecting them”.

It is a disorder that clearly makes the actor uncomfortable in social situations. “Nobody believes me! I really want to meet another person who suffers from it,” Pitt told the ‘GQ’ interviewer, confessing that he feared in the past he had given the impression of being a distant person, an antisocial, just to cause of your ailment. “I consider myself in the last act. The last semester or the last quarter. What do I want this section to become? How do I want to draw it?”, The actor told “Gq” in a particularly thoughtful comment. Having backed away from his perennial role as heartthrob and lead, Pitt has been engaging in more complex and unexpected parts and the producer’s career in recent years, looking for lyrics by emerging authors to support with his company Plan B Entertainment: between these, Miriam Toews and her novel “Women Talking” about a group of Mennonite women who join forces against their rapists: the direction is entrusted to the Canadian Sarah Polley who also wrote “Away From Her” and the semi-autobiographical documentary ” Stories We Tell “.

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