Brad Pitt sells the production company he founded with Jennifer Aniston and takes a step towards retirement

  • A couple of months ago, his ex Jennifer Aniston demanded, through legal action, 100 million dollars if he managed to sell the company.

  • In addition, the actress expressed her annoyance because the actor did not notify her in advance of his intentions to sell their company.

Brad Pitt managed to sell 60% of the production company ‘Plan B’, a company he founded together with his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston.

The actor sold that percentage to a French conglomerate and, according to US media, Pitt is already thinking more about retirement than continuing his business in Hollywood.

A couple of months ago it emerged that his ex Jennifer Aniston found out that the actor intended to sell said company, to which the actress was upset with the actor because he did not notify her of that.

Brad Pitt sells the company he founded with Jennifer Aniston

Aniston even filed a lawsuit for 100 million dollars as compensation if her ex-husband managed to sell the production company ‘Plan B’.

It recently emerged that the actor from “Interview with the Vampire” has already managed to sell a larger percentage of the company and now thinks of focusing on a quieter life.

According to ‘Page Six’, the sale of the company is part of a plan that the ‘Fight Club’ actor has in search of his retirement from Hollywood.

Brad Pitt takes a step towards his retirement from his business in Hollywood

According to said outlet, the actor is testing “what a semi-retirement looks like for him.”

However, he still plans to continue with his career as an actor, but he wants to stop what is related to his business with the production company.

He also revealed that the actor wants to move to France, have his vineyard and even make furniture to dedicate himself to a life away from the bustle of Hollywood and be calm.

Jennifer Aniston sues Brad Pitt for $100 million

For its part, ‘Plan B’ was a company founded by Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt in 2001 as part of a family project. This company has managed to produce various films such as “Departed”, “12 Years A Slave” and “Moonlight”, which have even been nominated for Oscars.

Meanwhile, Brad Pitt will star in a movie focused on Formula 1 racing, produced by Lewis Hamilton.

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