Brad Pitt sold the luxurious mansion where he lived with Angelina Jolie and a detail caught the attention of his fans

Once again William Bradley Pitt, or simply Brad Pitt, it was news again. This time not because of one of his acting jobs or because of his looks, but because of a million-dollar business that he has just completed. His Separation from Angelina Jolie was a media scandal that went around the world and now, he made a decision about it where he made it clear that he closed that stage of his life. He sold the extravagant mansion he shared with his wife and their six children until 2016, for a significant dollar figure with six trailing zeros. But, what caught their attention the most was the price the property had when they bought it.

The relationship between the protagonists of Mr and Mrs smith It was undoubtedly one of the most important in Hollywood. They started in 2005 in the middle of a scandal – he was married to Jennifer Aniston since 2000 – and ended the same way. During the decade they were together, they knew how to become one of the most iconic and fan-favorite couples. They walked red carpets, traveled the world and They enjoyed their large family of eight, along with their six children.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie with their six childrenArchive

The couple separated in 2016 and today, seven years later, things continue in the middle of the war, with strong accusations and conflicts. Now, the actor parted with an important material asset that was the scene of several family moments. As reported by the site TMZ, Brad Pitt recently sold the house he shared with Angelina Jolie and her children for the exorbitant sum of 39 million dollars.

According to the portal, the Oscar winner for best supporting actor for Once upon a time in Hollywood He bought the property, located in California, from actress Cassandra Peterson in 1994 and for her disbursed 1.7 million dollarsa considerably lower figure than the one he just got for selling it. After having her for almost thirty years, he said goodbye to what was his home.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt split in 2016 Archive

As for the spectacular house, it was built in 1910 and is located in a gated area of ​​the Hollywood Hills. It is surrounded by an impressive green garden with various types of shrubs, to give the owners more privacy. In addition to the imposing main house, it has a skating rink, dance hall and a movie theater. It also has a garage for motorcycles, a stone house and a Koi pond.

The actor sold the house he shared in California with Angelina Jolie and their six childrenMichel Euler-AP

According to the North American media, the producer valued his house in January for 45 million dollars and finally, according to real estate sources, it was learned that he sold it for 6 million less.

Days ago, the actor, 59 years old, made headlines for the exuberant purchase he made in the town of Carmel Highlands, California. There he acquired an old property built over a century ago, in 1918. His name is DL James House or also known as Gamble House and it cost him $40 million. The curious fact? It is located on top of a cliff.


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