Brad Pitt to Direct ‘World War Z’

We may not get a World War Z sequel, but at least Brad Pitt will direct the series.

Although The Walking Dead has come to an end, the zombie apocalypse is far from forgotten as they have produced a plethora of spin-offs. But also, according to GFR, the successful 2013 horror and action film World War Z will have its own series, with none other than Brad Pitt producing. Apple gave the green light to this exciting project.

Unfortunately, many details of this World War Z series remain under wraps, however, one of the biggest questions is whether Brad Pitt will reprise his role as former UN investigator Jerry Lane in the film. We also don’t know if the Apple series will be presented as a reboot or as a continuation of the story set in the movie. Given the involvement of the Hollywood star and the film’s final development, both options are equally plausible.

There have been rumors about a sequel for a long time.

World War Z
World War Z

Based on Max Brooks’ 2006 novel World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, the 2013 film ended with a glimmer of hope for humanity. But, despite the development of a vaccine that allows the uninfected to remain unnoticed by hordes of zombies, these monstrous creatures still pose a threat.

Not only did World War Z leave unfinished business for a sequel, but a $540 million box office take hinted at its inevitability. At some point, David Fincher, who previously collaborated with Brad Pitt on Se7en and Fight Club, was attached to direct the sequel. However, Paramount canceled the project and so far we haven’t had any updates.

While this has never been officially confirmed, in 2019 The Hollywood Reporter cited “reliable sources” claiming that China’s ban on zombie films was the main reason for the sequel’s cancellation. This incident may have triggered the franchise’s transition to a television format.

Another possible consideration is the lack of The Walking Dead on AMC as a direct competitor. While AMC continues to expand its zombie universe with spin-offs like The Walking Dead: Dead City and The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon that focus on fan-favorite characters, World War Z offers to explore an entirely new mythology.

There are currently no other related names.

At this stage, Brad Pitt’s creative landscape remains a mystery. However, given David Fincher’s commitment to Netflix, it’s unlikely that he will be involved in the project.

The World War Z series promises to be an exciting chapter in the zombie genre, and fans are eager to dive into this world of danger and survival. Since the hallmark of the zombies in the Apple series, like in the movie, is their speed. Unlike traditional notions of the undead, the Infected in this franchise move with agility and gluttony, resembling a swarm of insects in search of prey.

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