Brad Pitt’s blacklist for his films

Brad Pitt’s blacklist for his filmsREUTERS

It has happened to everyone that in their workplace there are colleagues with whom they has more or less affinity or others who directly can not stand. That happens in any professional sector, because you can’t be liked by everyone and vice versa.

Obviously this also happens in large companies, in the teams of any sport at a professional level and even in a high school class. The world of Hollywood is not immune to this type of personal quarrels as a result of the wear and tear of daily work or, simply, because you don’t feel like working with that person on your team.

Brad Pitt.

Brad Pitt: the actors and actresses you don’t want to work with

Something similar happens to one of Hollywoof’s megastars. It is the case of Brad Pittwho apparently would have a black list of performers with whom he doesn’t want to record anything, not even an Instagram ‘story’.

It has been the magazine ‘Variety’ that has uncovered these supposed vetoes of the actor of Fight club either Damn bastards, among other great tapes. According to his partner in Bullet Train, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Pitt has his preferences: “When you work with so many actors, and after a while, you start taking notes like, ‘I’m definitely not going to work with this person anymore. Brad has two lists, one good and one bad.”

Although Taylor-Johnson has not wanted to reveal some of the names with which Brad Pitt does not want to work in painting. He, at least, has commented that the actor also has a ‘white’ list of people with whom he does want to work on his projects, such as, Sandra Bullock.“Sandy is an old friend. She’s a die-hard person who I could ask for favors over the years and I’ve done so many times and she’s always there.”closes Pitt’s partner in the interview.

Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum, in a still from ‘The Lost City’.

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