Brad Pitt’s six kids are on hold from meeting Inés de Ramón, the reason has to do with Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon have been all over the news as it seems they are in a relationship, however, Pitt has been hesitant to present her to his six children. As a parent, every step that is taken must be sure and steady to make a healthy transition from a marriage to a divorce.

And custody of their children is the reason why Brad and Agnes have not been with his and Angelina’s children, according to US Daily the actor wants to solve some ‘unresolved’ legal issues with Mrs. Smith.

Brad Pitt is open to starting over

Brad Pitt has decided to give love a new opportunity with Ines de Ramonthe young jewelry designer who is an ex-partner of Paul Wesley.

A few weeks ago, the actor was seen with his new girlfriend in Mexico and the internet went wild. However, they continue their relationship away from the spotlight and the public eye, trying to be as discreet as possible.

According to US Daily, a source close to Brad mentioned that his children still don’t know their father’s new girlfriend. “Brad loves Ines and things are going very well“,

“The relationship is still fairly new, so it will be some time before she is introduced to the rest of the family,” concluded the source, however, De Ramon wasapproved” by Brad’s close circle of friends.

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