Bradley Cooper reveals he was going to quit acting because of his cocaine addiction

Bradley Cooper He thought about leaving acting when his life became chaotic due to addictions, specifically with cocaine, as revealed by the 47-year-old actor in an American podcast called Smartless.

The interpreter of “A star is born” admitted with the podcast hosts that in the mid-2000s he was really in a crisis: “I was very lost, and I was addicted to cocaine.”

Cooper confessed that he felt with “zero self-esteem” when he was fired from the television series “Alias”: “I cut my Achilles’ heel right after I was fired from Alias,” he confessed; In addition, he explained that he asked JJ Abrams, creator of the series, to disappear his character, because Bradley wanted to participate in other projects, however, his problems with alcohol prevented him, according to an interview in 2013 with the magazine ” GQ”.

The actor appreciates that this complicated stage in his life happened when he was still relatively young, at 29 years old, which allowed him to get back on track and now be the man he is, someone far from addictions.

Bradley’s tremendous transformation

The American actor Bradley Cooper appears unrecognizable as the musician Leonard Bernstein in his next film, produced by Netflix and which will be titled “Maestro”.

The first images of the 47-year-old Pennsylvania actor in the role of Bernstein were published by Netflix on his Twitter account, with a brief message that reads “from the set (filming) of Maestro.”

It is a biographical film about the life of the creator of “West side story”, which has been co-written and is directed by Cooper himself.

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