Bradley Cooper talks about his addiction to alcohol

Bradley Cooper He became candid and addressed one of the most difficult issues he had experienced in his personal life: his alcoholism. As he said, it has been 19 years of sobriety since he decided to face his problem, and he confessed that this past addiction “made it easier” for him to play the character. A star was born.

It was during their survival adventure in the valleys of the Wyoming Basin for the second season Running Wild With Bear GryllsTo National Geographic, Bradley talked about his sobriety and what it took him to get there.

,hangover “It was a big change in my career,” the actor said. “I was 36 when it happened, so I’d already been in the game for 10 years, just bouncing around, trying to find fame. Don’t lose yourself.”

Grylls said, “But you definitely had some wild years,” to which Cooper replied: “In terms of alcohol and drugs, yes.” But it had nothing to do with fame.”

“I got lucky,” Cooper continued. “I quit drinking at 29 and have been an alcoholic for 19 years. I’ve been very lucky”.

Bradley then went on to explain how his past struggle with drugs and alcohol helped him delve into the character of Jackson Maine a star is bornfrom 2018, which he directed and also starred in Lady Gaga.

He said of the musical drama, “It made it easier to get there.” “And thank God I was at a point in my life where I was comfortable with all of this, so I could really let myself go.”

In a star is bornBradley Cooper stars as a rock star battling drug addiction. Cooper said, “I’ve been very fortunate in terms of the roles that have been offered to me.” “It has been a true blessing. I hope I can continue to do that.”

as you know, a star is born earned eight Oscar nominations and won one Academy Award shallowby Cooper and Gaga, in the category of Best Original Song.

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