Brain Snack: What Is Ramsay Hunt Syndrome That Paralyzed Justin Bieber

I had probably never heard of the Ramsay Hunt Syndrome until singer Justin Bieber mentioned it in a video where he appeared with half his face paralyzed. On Instagram, the artist justified his absence from the shows, demonstrating that he could only smile on one side of his face, that he only contracted one of his nostrils and only blinked on one side of his face.

Justin bieber

Ramsay Hunt Syndrome is a facial and auditory nerve infection that causes facial paralysis, hearing problems, dizziness and/or the appearance of red spots or blisters in the ear area. The condition is non-communicable and curable through antiviral drugs and some physical therapy. The main symptoms are facial paralysis, severe pain in the ear, vertigo, headaches, difficulty speaking, fever, dry eyes and changes in taste.

The risk of developing this syndrome is greater in people with weakened immune systems, diabetics, children or the elderly, who have already had chickenpox.

Other personalities have also suffered from this condition.. Angelina Jolie was diagnosed in 2016 and revealed at the time that she managed to recover with the help of acupuncture. In the case of George Clooney, the actor was 14 years old, but recovered nine months later. Sylvester Stallone never managed to recover and still has remnants of paralysis in his face.

James Ramsay Hunt was an American neurologist who served in World War I and was the first to describe this syndrome, hence the name for the condition.

Angelina Jolie – Alex Wong/Getty Images
George Clooney – Andrew Milligan/PA Images via Getty Images
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