Brandon Moreno was attacked by Brazilian fans of the UFCMediotiempo

Mexico City /

Brandon Moreno ruined a function that was outlined to become a Brazilian party with a brutal victory against Deiveson Figueiredo, whom Won the UFC flyweight title from him at the Jeunesse Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, before a crowd that couldn’t bear to see their idol defeated in their own home.

In every moment the Tijuana native had a hostile receptionalthough the emotions increased as soon as the final result of the fight was announced (victory by technical knockout after three rounds), which led to hearings deafening boos in the venue and then there were attacks.

‘Long live Mexico, dogs!’

Nevertheless, Brandon has a lot of guts and this is how he made the carioca fans see them, to whom he yelled loudly “Long live Mexico, dogs!” when the transmission was preparing to interview him to find out what he thought of the triumph and the title obtained against a great rival.

Security accompanied him

Once received the flyweight title and after thanking his rivalMoreno made his way to the dressing room, although he had to do it at full speed and accompanied by security elements due to to the attacks he suffered from the stands.

In the transmission it was possible to see clearly how it rained liquids and objectsamong which soda cans could be seen, although that did not intimidate the Mexican, who even came out with a huge smile.

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