Bravas emerge victorious from the Alameda Olympic Stadium

Juarez City.- In a match that was characterized by little offensive production and in which an error by the Querétaro goalkeeper changed the course of the game, the FC Juárez Bravas came away with a one-nil victory at the Alameda Olympic Stadium.

From the beginning, the Bravas took control of the ball, but the tactical standstill of Querétaro FC prevented any offensive attempt by those led by Milagros Martínez. Only a few shots got past the Queretaro defenders, but on most occasions they were controlled without much problem by goalkeeper Alemany Sánchez.

Fortunately for those from Juárez, in the 37th minute of the first half, Sánchez misfielded a cross thrown by forward Myra Delgadillo and turned a play that seemed like another wasted opportunity for the Bravas into the only score of the game.

After the score, during the remaining minutes of the first half, the Bravas tried Seoposenwe’s shots, but they all ended up in the hands of the Spanish goalkeeper who regained her confidence after the mistake that would end up costing her team the defeat.

In the second half, the Queretaros tried to throw themselves in front and occasionally demanded the border goalkeeper Stefani Jiménez, but they did not get any clear chance to tie the game.

A few minutes from the end, a hand from Sumiko Gutierrez, who touched the ball after a rebound from her teammate Judith Singano, while they stopped the attack by Jasmin Enrigues from Querétaro, scared the Juárez fans before a possible penalty was scored in the last moments of the game.

However, despite the handball, Enrigues’ play was able to continue and the ball ended up in the hands of Jiménez. With this performance, the Bravas goalkeeper signs her second clean sheet in the tournament.

After this result, the Bravas start the tournament undefeated and at the top of the Liga MX Femenil classification. His next commitment will be at home next Friday, January 20, with the visit of the Pachuca gophers.

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