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Gleycy Correia, who was crowned as Miss Costa do Sol, to later participate in Miss Brazil in 2018, died at age 27 on Monday, June 20, after being in a coma for two months after complications from a tonsil surgery.

The beauty queen suffered a hemorrhage and cardiac arrest on April 4, during convalescence at her home, Lidiane Alves Oliviera, a pastor close to the family, explained to the media, reported El Universo. “She has been in a coma ever since. no neurological activity“, he declared.

According to the report of the Legal Medical Institute of Macaé, Gleycy died because of pneumonia, anoxic encephalopathy, cardiorespiratory arrest, hemorrhagic shock and tonsillar artery hemorrhage,” reported Globo 1.

He felt severe pain before falling into a coma

Douglas Correia, Gleycy’s older brother, shared that on the sixth day of his operation he began to feel pain in his throat. “She opted to have her tonsils removed because of a white mass coming out of her throat. She was taking singing lessons, turning and moving hurt.”

According to the story, after feeling the ailments, he contacted his doctor’s secretary to ask about a “stronger” medication that would take away the pain.

The family believes there was negligence

Douglas Correia pointed out that there was no follow-up by the doctor.

“My sister had trouble swallowing things. She couldn’t even swallow ice cream. And then she asked if she could brush her teeth. I mean…so there was not even a postoperative follow-up“.

The beauty queen got worse and at one in the morning “vomited blood”, for which she was taken to the clinic.

Globo 1 reported that the family filed a complaint at the Macaé police station” claiming medical negligence both from the doctor who performed the operation and from the unit where she was admitted after feeling ill”.

Who was Gleycy Correia?

Gleycy Correia participated in beauty pageants and was one of the semifinalists of Miss Brazil 2018.

She was a businesswoman in the area of ​​beauty and aesthetic procedures, specializing in permanent makeup. She was also a manicurist.

He came from a family of humble origins: “Family of fighters, and even with millions of defects, in this family there is a lot of love. They always did the possible and the impossible for me, I am really grateful,” he shared on Instagram in 2016.

It was characterized by helping women who suffered from breast cancer with aesthetic treatments.


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