Brazilian defender who played for Atlético San Luis receives death threats after switching to Nacional for Peñarol

Léo Coelho, a 29-year-old defender, was announced as a new reinforcement for Peñarol and has even received death threats in Uruguay

the brazilian leo coelho29, has been the target of death threats in Uruguay after leaving National and agree to a link with his archrival Penarol. ESPN He learned from sources linked to the defender that several hate messages were sent to the athlete’s cell phone and also to his wife.

Leo played in National between February and December 2022 after being transferred by Atlético San Luis from Mexico. After the agreed time, the defender, who belonged to the Mexican club, was definitively transferred to Penarolwhich seems to have caused anger in the rival fans.

In contact with ESPN, Jorge Nirenberg, Peñarol’s adviser, explained that the club is aware of the death threats directed at the defender and his family. According to the words of the manager quoted in the report, Ignacio Ruglio, president of Peñarol, spoke with the soccer player and asked the authorities for help regarding the case.

“We are aware of the situation. When they (National) found out that Penarol was about to come to terms with coelho, pissed off his fans. They negotiated for a time a contract renewal, but did not renew. Now, he verbally agreed with Penarol and then he signed a contract”, began Jorge.

“We had an internal meeting right after the press conference to present Abel Hernandez and there we found out about the threats. After the meeting, the president spoke to him to calm him down. He was on vacation in Canada, and he also told other Uruguayan soccer players that they had to help defend him.”

“Our president was upset with the situation, he even called the authorities to be aware of this situation. A trusted person who would act so that no madman would commit anything against him (Leo Coelho). After that, our president spoke with him, ensuring protection and security,” the director explained.

“This was the version that reached us. He was threatened, like his wife. People who were in the old club passed their phone numbers to the fans. Even the wives of the footballers of the old club passed their wife’s number to the bar (organized fans of National). This was the version that came to us. And that was what we did. We spoke with him, with the authorities, and that there would have to be an action,” she concluded.

leo coelho was presented last Wednesday (4) as reinforcement of Penarol and gave brief statements about his arrival at the coal complex. “I’d like to thank you, I’m very prepared and happy. I’m very happy here. I’m looking forward to training, I took advantage of the holidays and now it’s time to start working with my teammates.”

ESPN contacted National. Gonzalo Lucas, director of the club, clarified that he does not support the actions of criminals and regretted that cases like this are repeated in soccer in the country. Finally, the manager wanted those responsible to be identified and punished.

“We totally deplore the situation. It is unacceptable and aberrational. Unfortunately this is not new. It happened in the past with names like Lores and Aguiar when they coincided with Nacional and received threats from fans of Penarol. Now the same thing happens with Léo and sebastian rodriguez. We regret the situation and hope that those responsible will be denounced, identified and prosecuted,” he concluded.

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