breaking stereotypes about aging

Even today there are stereotypes about this age group, whose experience, knowledge, pleasure are as valuable as those of other family members. In the face of this, and in commemoration of Veterans Day, Kimberly-Clark brand specializing in adult diapers, via Plenitude, explains which diapers and how they can contribute to breaking down these prejudices or barriers:

  1. Those dependent people are: It is mistakenly believed that they cannot actively work in the labor force, volunteer or provide any service to survive. However, they account for 53.8% of the Economically Active Population (PEA), as reported by INEI in 2021, thus demonstrating that their experience and knowledge make them valuable resources for the professional world. Even so, activities that are recommended to be done at the workplace are intergenerational mentoring programs, where older adults can act as mentors for younger people, thus demonstrating the value they bring. can do.
  • You have to treat them like children. Older people are considered to be stubborn and stubborn people every day. However, like any other age group, they present a wide range of personalities, so it would be unfair to generalize that everyone behaves in the same way. One way to contribute to debunking this myth is to avoid being overly protective of them to the point of diminishing them as people; In contrast, respectful communication should be handled with care.
  • urinary incontinence becomes a hindrance: Although as the years go by, the appearance of the well-known “urine leakage” is common, it is not synonymous with obstruction. For these situations, it is essential to provide them with appropriate products like adult diapers. In this sense, Plenitude offers a wide portfolio of articles that adapt to the needs of each individual. Thus, they will be able to live their day to day life without any inconvenience or difficulty.

“At Plenitude, we firmly believe that age does not define who we are or limit us in any way, and we aim to debunk these misconceptions that have plagued older people for decades. Are. For this reason, we aim to empower our customers at every stage by adapting to their new needs and challenges. In this way, we challenge misconceptions and create a future where coming of age is fully celebrated”, affirms Sissy Retegui, FAC’s Brand Manager for Adult.

“In addition, we have recruited older adults in self-service positions in 24 stores in Lima as an initiative aimed at giving them job opportunities that would previously have been difficult for them to obtain. In this way, we promote the importance of an active life and how important it is to manage inclusive communication, in order to achieve a reality in which aging with dignity is possible, Retegui concluded.

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