Breeze in Minecraft 1.21: everything you need to know

Considering that the main goal of the Minecraft 1.21 update is a fun combat experience, a new special structure is making its way into the game: the test chambers. It’s full of traps, loot, and battle opportunities. Not only that, but it also includes a new epic mob called Breeze. This mob will offer a lot of challenges and super unique fights in the game. That being said, let’s not waste any more time and learn everything about Breeze in Minecraft 1.21.

What is Breeze Mob in Minecraft?

The Breeze mob spawned naturally within the test chambers.

With the Minecraft 1.21 update, Breeze is a unique hostile mob whose ability is to control the wind. Its appearance resembles Minecraft’s Blaze mob but with cool colors instead of warm ones. He is surrounded by a constant tornado-like animation.

Furthermore, Breeze moves by floating on the surface, but also by jumping from one place to another, sometimes even covering quite long distances. But she can’t float in the air like the Blaze can.

Where can you find Breeze in Minecraft?

You can find Breeze only in the test chambers in Minecraft 1.21. These impressive structures are generated underground and include a series of procedurally generated rooms. To find Trial Chambers, you can follow our linked guide where we go over the three easy methods in detail.

How to generate and disappear the breeze

Once you are inside the test chamber, you need to look for the test generator it has. chiseled tuff blocks around. This spawn variant will spawn occasionally in some rooms of the structure. As you approach one of these generators in survival mode, it will perform a quick animation and shortly after, two Breezes will appear.

Activation of the test generator

The only way to get rid of the Breezes is to defeat them. Mobs generated by the test spawner remain persistent, meaning they act like mobs where you use a tag with their name. Because of this, Breeze will not disappear even if you move away from him. However, when you kill a Breeze, a new one will appear. If you are playing in the single-player world, a test generator can spawns a total of six Breeze mobs at once.

Each new one will appear as soon as one of the old ones has been eliminated. If you manage to kill two Breezes at the same time, two will appear at once. So, you’ll have 2 Breezes to fight with all the time, except when you’ve killed five of them and only the last one remains.

Once you eliminate the 6 spawned Breezes, no more will spawn as the spawner will enter the 30 minute long cooldown phase. You will then receive some rewards for completing the challenge. After 30 minutes, you can return to this test generator and experience the battle once again.

Minecraft 1.21 Breeze: Properties

Now that you know where to find Breeze and how to spawn her, let’s look at all the abilities and properties you can expect from her.

1. Breeze of health

The default Breeze has 15 hearts full of health. He takes no damage from water, he is simply pushed by it, like many other mobs. However, fire and lava do damage it. The fire charge dispensed also deals damage to Breeze.

Also, if you thought you could fight this mob from a distance, you are wrong. Breezes are immune to arrow and trident shots, as they simply bounce and deflect in random directions. Other projectiles such as eggs and snowballs also do not harm the Breeze.

Finally, Breeze is not an undead mob, so damage potions deal damage to him and healing potions restore his health. But what about her attacks?

2. Attack pattern

When Breeze spawns, he will search for a target. Once it finds the player, it begins shooting them with a special ranged attack called “wind load”. If this projectile hits an entity directly, it will deal a small amount of damage equivalent to just half a heart.

However, when it collides with an entity or block, it will create an AOE (area of ​​effect) called “burst wind”. This effect will knock entities down several blocks and may even catapult them into the air. This will cause fall damage, so prepare your clutch water buckets at the right time. Breeze does not have any special melee attacks.

Breeze's special wind charge attack.

Also, the way this crowd moves is by jumping. It will first play a small animation, indicating that it is compressing and ready to propel itself into the air. He usually does this after attacking. When he lands, Breeze begins to move quickly and continues shooting the player with more wind-charged projectiles.

However, the surprises don’t end there. The wind gust effect has the ability to interact with certain blocks. Those include:

  • Traps and doors without iron.
  • fence gates
  • Buttons
  • Levers
  • bells
  • Candles lit (they go out)

Because of this, it becomes more difficult to fight Breeze as the Test Chamber rooms are designed to include several dispensing traps. They typically consist of dispensers filled with arrows, fire charges, snowballs, water buckets, and more. Additionally, on one or more blocks attached to the dispenser, there are buttons that Breeze’s attack can activate, automatically activating the dispenser. This can cause you to take additional damage or become trapped in flowing water.

Breeze Drops: What are the rewards?

At the time of writing this article, the Breeze has no loot. Considering the fact that the trial spawner itself gives you rewards after defeating all the mobs, maybe Breeze doesn’t even have any drops. What do you think about that? Should the Breeze drop anything? If so, what should it be? Leave your guesses in the comments below!

There we all go. That’s pretty much everything you need to know about Breeze in Minecraft. As we initially described, it is a rather playful hostile mob that offers a not easy battle, which can be both fun and frustrating for adventurers. That being said, what do you like most about the Breeze? Let us know in the comments section!

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