Brett Maher, first player in NFL history to miss four extra points in a playoff game

Not everyone on the Dallas Cowboys roster started the game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers so well

brett maher missed all three of his field goal attempts in the first half of the game Wild Card Round between the dallas cowboys Y Tampa Bay Buccaneersand one more in the second half, setting a new negative record for the nfl, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.

The dallas cowboys they started their away game well at the Raymond James Stadium before the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, divisional champions NFC South. Guided by the quarterback dak prescottthe cowboys they scored three touchdowns on consecutive unanswered drives from the locals during the first half.

However, the dominance over the field was not fully reflected on the scoreboard, thanks to the placekicker of Dallas. Maher he missed extra point attempts for all three touchdowns, to become the first player in league history to miss three extra point attempts in a playoff game.

However, things did not stop there. At the start of the third period, after another touchdown by the cowboys, Maher he went out onto the field again to attempt a fourth extra point, a kick that also missed to worsen his league record.

Prescott showed his frustration at the mistakes of Maher by whipping his helmet in the bench area of cowboys, after the third miss for the 33-year-old placekicker. In the first half, the quarterback amassed 209 yards, two touchdown passes and other rushing personnel, a great way to kick off the playoffs for Dallas. Early in the third quarter, he added a touchdown pass to Michael Gallup.

The first score of the game came in the first quarter with the connection between Dak Prescott and Dalton Schultz for a 22-yard score. The second was thanks to a haul of Prescott of a yard. On that occasion the kick went wide to the right. And finally Maher failed again after another score from schultz; as in the first, his kick went wide to the left.

The first hit of Maher on an extra point attempt on the night he got as far as his fifth kick, with just over 10 minutes left in the fourth quarter. Dallas scored on pass for CeeDee Lamb of 18 yards on fourth down and 4 to go, after not trusting Maher to make a field goal from that distance. The cowboys they won the match 31-14.

During the regular season, Maher he missed just three of the 53 extra point attempts he kicked.

Currently, the distance between the kicker and the posts in extra points is 33 yards. The rule was changed in 2015 when 13 yards were added to the original distance of 20, making the process a bit more complicated.

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