Brian Trenchard-Smith, the idol of Tarantino and who saved the career of Nicole Kidman

Although they never shared a shoot, there is something that unites the careers of Nicole Kidman Y Quentin Tarantino. Two of the biggest stars in Hollywood have their lives crossed by those of a low-profile Australian filmmaker, who marked them throughout their careers and without whom they would not be the same. We talk about Bryan Trenchard-Smiththe filmmaker behind a huge cult film titled Los Bicivoladores, which was released in the early 1980s.

It is, precisely, this production that we must start talking about since, thanks to this film starring young teenagers of great talent with their bicycles, the career of Nicole Kidman. In this 1983 film, the Oscar-winning Australian actress for The Hours played Judy, one of the three leads in the film in which teenagers in an Australian town bring down the local mob. It was the story thanks to which Kidman rose to fame and without which he could not have had the career that he later had.

But before this movie, Trenchard–Smith made other productions (even more cult than Los Bicivoladores), which among its fans had nothing more and nothing less than Quentin Tarantino. The director of Pulp Fiction even went so far as to say that this director was one of his idols. In an interview with realpolitik, Bryan Trenchard-Smith He told how his relationship with both figures of the film industry was.

RP.- How did you meet Quentin Tarantino?

He was promoting Kill Bill Volume 1 and gave an interview, where one of the questions was “who was your favorite director?” and he named me. The first time I saw him, he was introduced to me at a party. I said, “You don’t know me, I’m Brian Trenchard-Smith“, and he said: “Yes I know you, you did Turkey Shoot. That was incredible. What about the scene where the woman is beaten to death in prison… I mean, wow! That was amazing, what were you thinking? It was great!” Actually, that’s what it’s all about, so we chatted for a bit.

RP.- Are you still in contact with him?

He has invited me to screenings of his movies since then, like Inglorious Basterds, which I reviewed in Trailers from Hell. It was one of the 55 exhibitions on cinema that I did on the site of joe dante. I did another one about Django unchained. I have praised the work of Quentin and he was kind enough to praise mine.

RP.- How was the hiring of Nicole Kidman for Los Bicivoladores?

We did a lot of auditions and I thought she was totally fantastic and magnetic. My producers thought, “Well, she’s taller than the two leads we already hired, you can’t have a girl taller than the guys, that was never done.” Without a doubt, Nicole She was a few inches taller, so I told them, “But look at her. That stunning red-haired, long-legged beauty. A natural confidence shines from her face.” I got away with it and it was very clear from the start that the camera loved her.

RP.- Did anything change in the script after you hired her?

It seemed to me that the script had the character of Nicole Kidman as the secondary girl, behind the two boys. And I decided, “Okay, but let me put her in front of her and the two guys can come in behind her in the three-shot.” After all, who would you most like to see in the foreground? So I gave him more things to do.

RP.- What did you see in Nicole Kidman?

At the end of the film… It was the second one he shot, both were released at the same time, on Christmas 1983. At the end of the filming, I was able to meet his parents and they told me: “This acting issue… . He’s 15 and will be 16 at the end of the year. It’s taking up a lot of his time, we’re worried if he should think about what career he should have. Do you think he has a future in acting?” Normally, virtually 99 percent of the time a parent asks me, I discourage them. Because acting is a rotten profession. Many want to do it but very few make a living from it. It’s a trap that sucks away your ability to make money in your 20s and 30s. I usually discourage parents. I point out the dark sides of the profession. But in the case of NicoleI said, “I think she has a future. I think she has a lot of talent, a lot of energy and determination. I think she should keep doing it. And I’ll give you a prediction: I think she’s going to be a star one day.”

Everyone’s response to the performance of Nicole it was fantastic. I took her to dinner with a very important journalist in the industry, Matt Whitemy prediction was that he was going to act in every decade of his life and that he was going to be the Australian version of Katharine Hepburn. She has the ability to find the truth of the scene and honestly reflect it in her acting and her facial expressions. Not everyone has that talent. (www.REALPOLITIK.com.ar)

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