Bridges are burning between Selena Gomez and the one who gave her a kidney

Nothing is going well between singer Selena Gomez and Francia Raisa. The latter is not even mentioned in Selena’s documentary, “My Mind And Me”.


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The long-awaited feature film on Selena Gomez is finally available to the public and some passages have particularly reacted. In her documentary, Selena addresses bipolarity, loneliness and the difficulty of evolving as a celebrity.

On the subject, an interview with Selena for the Rolling Stones Magazine resurfaced. “I never fit in with a group of girls cool who are celebrities. My only friend in the industry is actually Taylor [Swift].” This sentence was very badly received by the fans who have been following Selena for several years, as well as by Francia Raisa, who commented under a publication of the documentary with the word “Interesting”, since deleted.

Selena revealed in 2015 that she lives with lupus, an autoimmune disease that attacks organ tissue. Her state of health took a most worrying turn and she needed a kidney transplant in 2017. Actress Francia Raisa, friend of Selena for ten years, donated one of her kidneys to the singer so that it recovers a quality of life while her health was falling rapidly. The singer had revealed this incredible gift of self with a photo of the two friends side by side in the hospital, ready for the interventions.

After this revelation, Francia had mentioned in various interviews afterwards that the post-operative period had been more difficult for her than for Selena, since Francia donated a perfectly healthy kidney and her body was trying to adapt.

That’s why the actress and several admirers are rather puzzled that Selena doesn’t mention Francia in her industry friends. Over the years, the two women had sometimes lost sight of each other, but they had still reconnected and sealed their friendship in a TikTok video.

Since the release of the documentary My Mind & Mewhere there is no mention of Francia, the two young women no longer follow each other on social networks.

Selena briefly apologized Monday morning under a TikTok video of TikTok star Stephanie Tleiji, who goes over the whole affair. “Sorry I didn’t mention everyone I know,” Selena wrote.

According to several people who line up behind Francia, her apology is rather brief.

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