Brie Larson congratulates her companions from The Marvels on International Women’s Day

Brie Larson makes us long teeth with the marvels every time he appears on social media. Be it through training videos, with his return to YouTube (which left clues about the completion of the filming of the long-awaited Captain Marvel 2, to carry the name that we mentioned at the beginning) or even taking photos with the cast. This time, she does it with gifts like the one the actress made yesterday, celebrating the International Women’s Day congratulating her co-stars from the movie Nia DaCosta (filmmaker who, by the way, generated some controversy at the time by pointing out that Thanos snap It was Captain America’s fault.)

With a very special art, made by iarleymattias_as indicated by the same actress on social networks, I congratulated on March 8 the protagonists of the marvels:

“Happy International Women’s Day to my Marvel sisters; TeyonahParris and Iman Vellani! You two inspire me more than you know and I’m honored to be saving lives alongside you.”

The Marvels landing in 2023

Since the premiere of Captain Marvel, certain changes have been made in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that are often overlooked. Basically because it was confirmed that the Skrulls have been watching and invading the Earth in secret all this time and it is very possible that strong modifications of the UCM that we know with the premiere of Secret Invasionthe series starring Samuel L Jackson to explore this idea.

the marvelson the other hand, function as Captain Marvel 2 and be released next February 17, 2023 if there is no delay due to COVID-19 and the Disney calendar does not change during this time, as it has in the past.


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