Brie Larson receives harsh criticism after selling NFT to the metaverse

the world of NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) does not stop growing. These unique digital goods, associated with their own serial number, are the new digital business for many collectors and speculators. After the emergence of large companies such as Youtube and Goal in this area, building the so-called metaverse, there are not a few who have made the leap to doing business. And among the evangelizers of the format, beyond Willyrexwe have Brie Larson. The actress has announced that sell NFT in a special space within the metaverse. And her followers have charged her for opportunist.

Brie Larson is criticized for selling NFTs and digital products in the metaverse

Brie Larson, who has been for several months youtuber With her own channel, she is usually very active on social networks. Whether sharing workouts, congratulating her friends on Women’s Day or dropping her predilection for action movies, Larson is always talkingr. And he generally finds favor with his most ardent supporters. Until now. the protagonist of Captain Marvel He has said that he is passionate about the digital world, and that he is beginning to collaborate with some placean app that allows users shop and display your NFT collections. A kind of Second Lifebasically.

“Welcome to a small corner of the metaverse of some place. I’m looking forward to welcoming you all soon.”, commented to the actress, very aware of social and environmental causes. In fact, many of her followers explain that, as an ambassador of the fight against climate change, she will not be, because NFTs have a huge environmental impact, generating more electricity consumption and promoting the use of fossil fuels to maintain the servers necessary to store these digital products. And there is more. other fans point out that Larson is encouraging, with his influence, to feed and fatten the speculative bubble caused by these digital universes, many of which have neither been inaugurated nor actually exist.

Users believe that Brie Larson has given herself over to the corporate business

Criticism has been fierce. Larson is taking beatings on Twitter and Instagram, and its publication has generated a mostly negative ratio. Since the actress is a fan of Star Wars, a good handful of the fans of the actress of the room, have gone to harm him with numerous guides to Star Wars, considering it as one of the bad guys in the saga. “It’s so sad to see Brie of all people doing all this shit. Before Marvel she was an indie queen who liked her and I was a normal person, and now… They have turned it into a corporate nightmare. I do not like it. It’s been two weird years seeing his fall,” they concluded on Twitter.

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