Brilliant finishing touch to the summer season

The XXXV Outdoor Championship of the Canary Islands Absolute and Sub20 and the first Athletics Championship of the Canary Islands inclusive and adapted to the outdoors, three competitions attended by hundreds of athletes, put the finishing touch to the summer season and close the calendar of regional competitions until next October.

The tests, races, launches and jumps, were developed in three days (Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning). In general, there was a high level of marks, despite the fact that the strong prevailing wind made it difficult and invalidated some of them. Nor did the prevailing intense heat help the athletes’ efforts. Athletes from all the islands participated and it should be noted that for the first time in a Canarian Championship the indirect measurement system was used in several tests (triple, length, javelin), an advance that the Canarian Athletics Federation has recently implemented and that the judges of the CCJ are becoming familiar with. This system will greatly speed up the measurement and the development of the tests, reducing the measurement time. Present at the awards ceremony were Alberto Hernández, president of the FCA, as well as Jonay Medina González, from the Judges Committee, and Antonio José Buenaño Verdún, technical director of the FCA.

It is worth mentioning the celebration of the first Adapted and Inclusive Canarian Open Air Championship, which maintains the line that the Canarian Athletics Federation has carried out during the 2021/2022 season, including these two modalities in the Canarian League, with the Canarian Championship winter track. A total of 66 entries competed for this weekend’s event.

The champions in the men’s category were: in the 100 meters Raúl Martín (TenerifeCajaCanarias, 10.53), while in the sub20 category the winner was Emilio Cabrera (CD Calle Uno Gran Canaria, 11.50). In the 200m Raúl Martín (Tenerife-CajaCanarias, 21.78) also won, while the winner under 20 was Jorge Valverde Salamel (Olympus 21 Tenerife, 23.30). Darwin Andrés Echeverry (TenerifeCajaCanarias, 48.96) and Brian Febles Rodríguez (CD UAVA, 52.68) won gold in the 400m, absolute and sub20, respectively. Tinguaro Quintero del Rosario (TenerifeCajaCanarias, 1:55.48) and Óliver Baeza Martín (CAMilla Chicharrera, 2:03.56) won in the 800 meters. The 1500 went to Adrián Hernández Delgado (Atletismo Alcorcón 4:16.88) and to ) Kamal El Makkas (CAI Gran Canaria, 4:33.80). Jairo Paule Martín (Correayo Spar Tenerife 16:00.77) won the 5,000m, while the 10k went to Ahytami Navarro Pérez (HPS Triathlon, 37:42.77). The 110m hurdles absolute was dominated by Ignacio de Esquiroz (TenerifeCajaCanarias, 14.35), while the sub20 went to Dailos Rodríguez (CAI Gran Canaria, 15.54). Jorge Agustín Suárez (CD Calle Uno Gran Canaria, 58.74) dominated the 400m hurdles. Raúl González del Toro (CA Milla Chicharrera 10:02.99) achieved the best mark in the 3,000m Obst. Pape Bara (CA Milla Chicharrera) prevailed in the men’s height, both absolute and sub20. José Daniel Padilla Rodríguez (Olympus 21 Tenerife, 4.00) and Gabriel Suárez González (CD UAVA, 2.80) dominated the pole vault. Pape Bara Mbaye (CAMilla Chicharrera, 7.08) and Mateo Val Despontin (CAMilla Chicharrera, 5.93) won the long jump. ) Pape Bara Mbaye (CAMilla Chicharrera, 15.09) was the best both absolute and sub20 in the triple jump. Esteban Budroni Valdivia (Trotamundos Candelaria, 13.15) achieved the best throw in Weight (6kg), while Raúl Noda Marichal (TenerifeCajaCanarias, 16.02) was the winner in Weight (7,260kg). Javier José Delgado Costa (Atletismo Arona, 38.59) threw further than anyone else in the Discus (1,750kg) and Raúl Noda Marichal (Tenerife CajaCanarias, 46.66) in the absolute Discus (2kg). Omar Amgouz Delgado (Tenerife CajaCanarias, 52.16) led the Hammer (7,260kg). Óliver de la Cruz Rodríguez (Chikillos de Vecindario, 41.52) the Javelin (800g) and Javier José Delgado Costa (Arona Athletics, 43.39) in sub20. Pablo González Villares (At ADASAT Gran Canaria, 22:02.71) was the fastest in the 5,000m walk, while Clator Orotava (Héctor Delgado, Javier Díaz, Yediel Calvo Daniel Sabatier) won in the 4x100m. Calle Uno (Óliver Santiago Betancor, Jorge Agustín Suárez, Emilio Cabrera Martínez and Juan Garcia Boissier) achieved victory in the 4x100m sub20, while the absolute 4x400m went to CAI Gran Canaria (Benjamín Rodríguez Ramos, Dailos Rodríguez Henríquez, Jonay González Melián and José Bolaños Déniz) and the sub20 to Milla Chicharrera (Óscar Rodríguez Hernández, Juan David Durán Hernández, David Muñoz Muñoz and Pape Bara Mbaye).

In the women’s chapter, the golds achieved by Sheila Cubas Guedes (Tenerife CajaCanarias, 11.84) in the 100 meters and Ainara Quintana Déniz (CD UAVA, 13.33) in the same modality but in the sub20 category stood out. Sheila Cubas Guedes (Tenerife CajaCanarias, 24.99) and Marta Galisteo Peters (Clator Orotava, 25.75) sub20 also won the 200m. Likewise, the Clator runner took the 400 both absolute (59.30) and sub20. Cristina Cabrera Domínguez (CD UAVA, 2:36.72) took the absolute and sub20 gold. Sofia Godoy Marrero (CD UAVA, 5:17.24) and Cristina Cabrera Domínguez (CD UAVA, 5:17.21) won the 1,500m. Ylenia Ramos Rodríguez (CD UAVA, 22:38.67) won the 5,000, Aurora Vega Gil (CD UAVA, 47:50.40), the 10k; Guacimara Teresa Cruz Álvarez (CAMilla Chicharrera, 27:08.92) the 5,000 sub20); Lucia Morera (Tenerife-CajaCanarias, 14.98) in the 100m hurdles and Delia Arteaga Martín (Club Aguere, 15.54) in the sub20. Alba Domínguez Hernández (Clator Orotava, 1:07.09) won the 400m hurdles and Davinia Ojeda Medina (CD UAVA, 1:13.73) in the sub20. Andrea Mereles López (CAI Gran Canaria, 14:33.20) took gold in the 3,000m Obst. Erika Vera Amador (Tenerife CajaCanarias), made the best high jump with a mark of 1.51, while Natalie Elizabeth Pope (CD UAVA) did the same in sub20. Lucia Rodríguez García (Tenerife CajaCanarias, 2.75) won in the absolute pole vault. Lucia Morera López (Tenerife CajaCanarias, 5.39) made the best long jump and Carmen Arzalluz Otaño (CAMilla Chicharrera, 5.01) the sub20. Paola Valle Alarcia (CEA Tenerife, 11.72), stood out in the absolute triple jump and Elisa Pérez González (Clator Orotava, 10.69) in the sub20. Alicia Auyanet Matejkova (CAI Gran Canaria, 10.25) won in the shot put (4kg); in the discus (1kg) Naycaren Barrera Santana (Maxoathlon Fuerteventura, 37.34); Zuleima Bueno González (At ADASAT Gran Canaria, 40.37) prevailed in the hammer (4kg) absolute. Ilenia del Carmen Rodríguez (Chikillos de Vecindario, 35.71) in Javelin (600g); while in the 5,000m walk Jacqueline Piñana Valladares (Atletismo Arona, 26:55.50) won and in the 4×100 relay the Milla Chicharrera (Kiara Juliá Martínez, María Cano Barberá, Lucía Fernández and Carmen Arzalluz Otaño) won with a time from 50.87.

The men’s results of the first Inclusive and Adapted Outdoor Championship of the Canary Islands were as follows: in the men’s 100m and 200m Miguel Ponce Corberán (At ADASAT Gran Canaria 12.65 and 26.31) was the fastest, as was Abián Rivero Ruiz (Deportivo Civitas) in the 400 and 800 meters, with marks of 1:04.81 and 2:40.08, respectively. Miguel Ponce Corberán (At ADASAT Gran Canaria, 4.77) was once again the best in length, while Israel Cañas Aranda (At ADASAT Gran Canaria, 10.94) was in adapted weight and Óliver De La Cruz (Chikillos de Vecindario, 41.52) was in the javelin (800gr). Club Deportivo Asincanast (Ayram José Álvarez Espino, Jeremy Alemán Suárez, Sergio Suárez Cazorla and Adrián Fernández Artiles) was the fastest in the 4×100 with a time of 1:02.86.

In the women’s section, Yunaisy del Pino Melián Aguilar (Deportivo Civitas, 15.78) was the fastest in the 100 m and the one who threw the adapted weight the furthest (6.16); Selena María Aguilar (Deportivo Civitas, 29.26) in the 200 and in the long jump (5.00) and María José García Cerdá (Deportivo Civitas, 1:31.60) in the 400.

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