Britney Spears and her husband, Sam Asghari, star in an altercation in a restaurant

Britney Spears is once again in the media spotlight, although this time it has nothing to do with her professional career or the fight she has had with her family for years. The singer and her husband, Sam Asghari, staged a loud discussion last Friday night at the JOEY restaurant, located in the San Fernando Valley (Los Angeles). What seemed like a most peaceful and romantic evening has ended up starring in several headlines.

As the US portal points out TMZthe restaurant customers immediately recognized the interpreter of till the world ends Y toxic and they started recording it with their phones, something that upset Britney and pushed her over the edge. Witnesses who were present there assure the portal that the singer began to act in a “maniac” way and to shout and speak incoherently. As revealed by the aforementioned medium, which also shows images of that night, her husband, Sam, could not stand Spears’ attitude and left the restaurant in a rage.

As can be seen in the images of the video to which you have had access TMZ, the artist was left sitting alone at the table, while commenting out loud what the people present described as “nonsense”. After the altercation with her boy, Britney left the restaurant accompanied by her bodyguard, who had to return to pay the bill.

In one of her most recent posts, the singer revealed her struggle with mental health issues due to everything that has happened to her during her life. “It’s crazy, social media. Everyone’s life seems so perfect and when I post stuff, I think most of the time I’ve been totally and utterly ashamed of my past… And who can forget those documentaries?” she wrote.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari in their first image as husband and wife

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari at their wedding

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“So yes, I try to post my best looks or what appears to be the good life. Well, the truth is, my mood is better, but I will always be traumatized by my past experience for life. There is no way to fix myself. to me, my emotions and my sensibility… therapy, all that. I think I’ll need some kind of miracle for my emotions”, said the ‘princess of pop’ on social networks.

The last controversy starring Britney took place a little over a week ago. It was after Jamie Lynn, her younger sister-with whom she does not have a good relationship-participated in the reality of TV Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test and make confessions about his life. “Growing up, my sister became famous, famous all over the world, when I was very young. I’m so proud of her, I love her to death, but I don’t know… Sometimes I feel like I really don’t have anything for myself. I struggle with self-esteem all the time. I miss having my own identity and being seen as a different person,” Jamie said through tears.

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Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears in a file image

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the interpreter of Oops!… I did it again He turned to three Instagram posts to reply to his sister. “Honestly, it blows my mind the difficulties you say you’ve had having me as your sister… I’m sorry you feel that way, but don’t ever touch my broken foot in a kitchen telling me to go to the doctor because my foot infection could infect to your real children!!!”, says the singer in one of her publications, addressing her younger sister.

The artist charged hard, not only against her sister, but also against the rest of her family, from whom she is totally distanced. “They hurt me and nothing was done, except that I lost 15 years of my life with my family owning my name,” said the singer, originally from Louisiana. Among other things, Britney expressed that she is “a woman whose name was stolen by her family after 15 years and they told her what to do and she was extremely punished if she spoke up.”

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