britney spears gave up botox forever

Britney Spears gave up Botox for good credit: Bang showbiz

Britney Spears gave up Botox for good credit: Bang showbiz

Britney Spears’ botox is over.

The 41-year-old pop star used to take injections to improve her appearance by relaxing the muscles that cause wrinkles, but she visited Seo’s beauty parks after she revealed the Botox left her looking beaten up. Turned

Speaking in a video uploaded to Instagram, he commented:

‘I had Botox and I wasn’t very happy with it because it made my forehead swell and so my eyelids got heavy and it looked like someone hit me and to look like someone hit you, I I pay this much money. The first two weeks… what do you mean?

Publication continued by the grace of Seo:

‘So I got this thing from Seo and to be honest it’s really great because it’s like putty and sticks. It hits my forehead without all those needles and costs. Maybe they are using too much Botox and your eyes are squinting and literally looks like someone punched you. pay four thousand dollars? It makes absolutely no sense. Yes my friend yes.

Britney also revealed that she has had surgery on her lips before and that she likes doctors in New York and Los Angeles.

He wrote in his Instagram caption:

‘Okay… I have a big forehead and I really need bangs, but I sometimes feel like I can’t look with bangs! I am sharing this because it really works. Also many times, these so-called -the best doctors- apply Botox in incredible ways. Never again in Los Angeles. I had lip surgery for the first time in New York City. So different from Los Angeles…so subtle, it was an adorable pout! , All the floors in that place were wooden and raw.

Britney continued:

“Maybe for 10 to 15 years, I haven’t done my job right, and what about the times when one brow is up and the other is down?” 2 week. My friend’s sisters find it funny and laugh, but I would like to see what they would do if someone did this to their face. Okay… so maybe – in a movie like Just Go With It – where that girl’s eyebrows are messed up, that’s fun. But not in real life, when one eye is black and blue and much longer than the other.’

The singer continued her story:

‘I cried and then I said, when will it go away? “Oh, just give it a week or two.” Sometimes nerves act like this and have the opposite effect, and I think, “It’s like someone hit me!” So of course I go back and see the doctor. She says it’s totally normal, and I said, “Then why can’t I go anywhere for two weeks?” And my friend’s sisters laughed. F*** Botox, it’s horrible!!! Sio is unbelievable (sic)’.

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