Britney Spears met Madonna, Paris Hilton, Selena Gomez and Drew Barrymore at her wedding

Britney Spears went back to the row of the married. The singer married her partner Sam Asgharia dancer of Iranian origin whom she met in 2016 during the filming of the “Slumber Party” video clip.

The private ceremony was held at the mansion of the ‘Princess of Pop’, located in Los Angeles, United States. According to Peoplethe couple celebrated their wedding with 60 guests, including Madonna, Selena Gomez, Drew Barrymore Y Paris Hilton.

As can be seen in some publications circulating on social networks, Britney was very well accompanied by the divas of music and cinema. Even all were encouraged to sing ‘Vogue’, the famous theme of the ‘Queen of Pop’, Madonna.


Spears’ friendship with Madonna dates back years, the two pop divas heaping praise on each other in interviews in the early 2000s, before joining talent for the duet “Me Against the Music” in 2003. Later that year, the artists starred in a kiss during a presentation with Christina Aguilera and Missy Elliott at the MTV Video Music Awards.

On the other hand, Spears and Hilton have been friends for a long time, exactly since they were both young stars in the early 2000s. Like Madonna, Paris was also in favor of ending the legal guardianship to which Britney I was submitted for 13 years.


At the end of last year, the California Justice put an end to the guardianship for which the singer’s father took control of her finances and personal life for almost 14 years, a legal situation so controversial that it led to an international scandal thanks to the insistence of Britney Spears fans.

The artist, who has sold more than 100 million records, has regained her autonomy and will soon be able to make use of her 60 million dollar estate, a radically different situation from a few months ago, when she had to ask permission to leave House. The first decision she made after her guardianship ended was her engagement to Sam Asghari.


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