Britney Spears “suffering from dementia, forced to work under blackmail”

Britney vs Spears: the pop star “deprived of his rights, considered to be suffering from dementia but forced to work while his father earned from his career”. The revelations of the documentary

Britney Spears has spent the last 13 years of her life in a “state of semi-slavery, having to depend on her father for everything because she was considered sick with dementia. But she was still forced to work behind the blackmail not to show her her children“.

These are the theses that emerge from the documentary Britney vs Spears, visible on Netflix, which tells the life of the pop star and her struggle to free herself from conservatorship of father Jamie.

In 2007, Britney faces a stormy divorce from her husband and father of her two children, which leads to something of a nervous breakdown following which the father asks for his conservatorship. In practice, Britney was considered unable to understand and want and for this in need of someone who would make all the decisions for him: the father, Jamie Spears, precisely. After a long legal battle, this protection ended in November 2021.

What is the conservatorship to which Britney Spears has been subjected?

The pop star, in other words, for 13 years he had no decision-making power over his life: “He could not dispose of the money he was earning, if he needed to 20 dollars to buy a book for his children he had to ask his father, who maybe he even gave it to him weeks later“, tell the singer’s witnesses and friends, interviewed in the documentary.

“All this was possible for one medical diagnosis that labeled her as suffering from dementia. But how is it possible that a sufferer of dementia get to work so hard, write songs and record albums for years, go on world tours and participate in TV programs? “: this is the provocative question of some experts who intervened in the documentary, according to which this diagnosis was falsified, in whole or in part, to allow the father – “an authoritarian person, you would not have wanted to be close to him when he got angry” – to dispose of his daughter’s fortune.

Over the years, in fact, Jamie Spears would have earned tens of millions from the career of his daughter Britney, which he would later share with collaborators (or accomplices, as they were labeled by some friends of the singer).

Britney Spears “under blackmail”

But why would an internationally acclaimed pop star accept all this? “Britney has always protested and she also sought help from lawyers and courts who, however, did not listen to her “, explains a friend of the singer.

“If you don’t take this tour you will have to pay millions of euros in penalty. If you don’t do as I tell you, I won’t let you see your children for a long time“: these are, according to the singer, some of the threats she has been subjected to over the years by her father and his lawyer, who have intimidated her to the point of accepting any harassment for 13 years in order not to lose the link with the two children.

A few days ago the news came that Britney was released, by court decision, from her father’s conservatorship, even though the legal battle is not over yet. The singer is still not entirely mentally well, as she herself admitted. But perhaps this regained freedom and the marriage with the new boyfriend will bring some serenity into her life.

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