Britney Spears talks on Instagram about the restaurant incident

  • The singer has reappeared on networks after her controversial video in a restaurant with an equally controversial text

  • According to the TMZ website, the singer was irritated to see that they recorded her and began to publish strange words

  • There’s a ‘conspiracy theory’ on TikTok that Britney’s latest posts aren’t really hers

Despite the fact that he is in a good moment in his life, now that he has been freed from his father’s guardianship, Britney Spears has starred in another controversial momentthis time, in a Los Angeles restaurant. The singer was there having dinner with her husband, Sam Asghari, when she realized she was being recorded. So, according to the news website of celebrities TMZ, went into “manic” mode and began uttering a series of unintelligible words“as in another language”, while covering his face with the letter from the establishment.

The video has spread like wildfire through social networks and, after the great impact, Britney herself He has spoken about the subject on Instagram. The first thing he did was post a video in which he did a dance that ended with a flashy cut of the sleeves, and then he posted a picture of a drawing of some pancakes with this disturbing text: “I’m sure it has caused millions of laughs on video in which I come out looking like Shrek.”

“They talk about me like I’m crazy”

“I know there is a lot of news about the video in which it seems i’m drunk in a restaurant. It’s like my every move is being watched! I’m so flattered that they talk about me like I’m crazy and then also talk about all the negative aspects of my past… Honestly, it would be safer for me to congratulate this world and fuck it up because if I become a prophet and I don’t believe the story, we might have something, you guys… I’m just kidding, but it’s a good thought. Everyone makes sure see the shocking photo of me of Shrek…I was like, damn, that’s horrible, but there were two photos where I was normal.”

As she herself appears in this new video on the social network, the conspiracy theory who appeared on TikTok about the possibility that Britney was dead/kidnapped/coerced or something just as serious. Where does this scary idea come from? That, although her publications are in themselves quite peculiar, lately, Britney had posted some post what They do not correspond to the story of his life. For example, he uploaded a photo of his sister in which he said how much he loved her and, likewise, of his two children, with the same text copy-paste, when it is known that the singer does not have a good relationship with any of them. Her fans were really concerned and this new episode, although it records that Britney is ‘alive and kicking’ is no less alarming.

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