Britney Spears, the first legal victory: she chose her lawyer


Britney Spears’ painful and exhausting legal battle continues. But this time it is her first victory: she was in fact allowed to be able to choose your legal representative replacing the one appointed by the court, who had resigned.

For 13 years the pop star does not have her own lawyer: to represent her until today had been Sam Ingham a lawyer appointed by a judge in 2008. The lawyer asked to resign from the case, as did the law firm that had recently been commissioned to assist him.

On the same day that the old legal representative resigned, Lynne Spears, the singer’s mother, filed a motion: through the documents filed in court by her lawyers, she had asked the judge that the daughter could hire her own lawyer during the battle he is carrying out for protection. As reported Page Six would have asked that the court “listen to your daughter’s wishes“, among them that of “hiring its private legal counsel”.

Spears won a small big battle in the war against her father: from today she is assisted by Matthew Rosengart, a high-profile lawyer who has defended Steven Spielberg and Sean Penn in the past. It is the first time that the singer gets the recognition to decide independently, an element that could change the fate of the cause. As is known for 13 years the pop star is forced to submit to the father’s decisions which prevents her from having another child, from getting married and from being alone even for a minute.

“I thought they were trying to kill me. I would like my father to be indicted for abuse of guardianship. I want to denounce him today, I want him to be investigated,” the singer told Superior Court in Los Angeles speaking on the phone. Addressing Judge Brenda Penny, who is looking into the case, Britney explained that her fears were related to the obligation to take medication: “If this is not abuse, I don’t know what else can be“.

After the hearing, the singer thanked fans on Instagram using the hashtag for the first time #FreeBritney, the movement born on the Net to support the dissolution of the singer’s conservatorship: “We are making progress. With a new lawyer who truly represents me today I feel grateful and blessed.”

After the judge’s ok, Rosengart wasted no time and asked Jamie to step aside: “He must be removed as a guardian: we will move quickly and aggressively. The question is, ‘why is he involved?’ If he loves his daughter he should give up voluntarily.”


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