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“I quit”. It’s a frustrated, angry and disappointed Britney Spears who vents on Instagram and announces to her fans that she will no longer perform on stage until her father has control over her life. The star’s anger overwhelms everyone: the father-master who has controlled her for 13 years, her sister who sings her songs at the awards ceremony and all the people close to her who “have never shown up” and who now to “save face” show her support in her battle against her father. “My so-called support system has hurt me deeply,” he wrote on social media. “I don’t like my sister showing up at an awards ceremony and singing my songs,” she added, referring to Jamie Lynn Spears, who has so far remained mostly silent about Britney’s situation.

“I will not perform on any stage with my father controlling what I can wear, say, do or think. I’ve been done this for 13 years. I’d rather share videos from my living room than on a stage in Las Vegas,” the pop star vented with her fans on Instagram, to whom she confessed that she “had to pray” for them to include new songs in her shows. Britney then attacked the control of the father-master. “It killed my dreams. The only thing I have now is hope, and hope is hard to kill,” he added. And the star is hoping for a breakthrough after the recent positive signs. Judge Brend Penny has in fact allowed her for the first time to appoint her own lawyer and Britney has chosen Mathew Rosengart, a former prosecutor who defended the rights of stars such as Sean Penn and Keanu Reeves and who took the place of Samuel Ingham III, the lawyer assigned 13 years ago to Britney by the court that in fact complied more with the wishes of the “father-master” Jamie Spears than those of his client. A significant change that gives hope to Britney.

The ‘conservatorship’ to which it is subjected is in fact an institution that in fact makes those who are subjects incapable of understanding and wanting. The fact that he was able to choose a lawyer is therefore a significant step. As are his two appearances in court to demand that his father, whom he wants to sue, be removed. The battle is still long: a new hearing is set for the end of September and Britney, with the support of her fans and the #FreeBritney movement, hopes it will be the liberating one, the one able to put a point and make her turn the page, opening a new chapter in her personal life and career.


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