BROKE THE SILENCE: Carlo Ancelotti spoke clearly about Toni Kroos’s anger after leaving against Chelsea

Tony Kroos he did not want to go out against Chelsea. He left the field at the request of Carlo Ancelotti, but the German midfielder, in an almost unprecedented image throughout his brilliant professional career, openly expressed his disagreement.

After the cameras Movistar Soccer they will catch what the world champion said “Fucking mother, I played very well, man. motherfuckin’the Italian coach was questioned about the reaction of the Bayern Munich youth squad.

The experienced DT denied that he has a problem with Don Antonio. There is no problem because the anger was with the coach’s decision, not with the person. That was why he did not consider it necessary to sit down and talk with him.

Nothing that happened will affect what comes next in the season.

What happened on the field stayed on the field.


“It is an aspect that I have to consider and evaluate. The serenity of the players is an important aspect, I spend time on this. What has happened with Kroos has happened. Has it bothered me? No. Because he was mad at the coach, he wasn’t mad at the person. I don’t need to talk. We have not spoken, we have looked each other in the face, eye to eye. And he is already. I have no problem with Kroos because, apart from sports, he is a person of a very high level. I don’t need to talk to him to ask for explanations. I know him very well as a person. So, it’s all over at the end of the game.”declared Ancelotti, in the press conference prior to the League match against Sevilla.

Subject closed without any controversy.

The matter was settled.

Undefeated data. Toni Kroos is the German footballer with the most games played (355) in the entire history of Real Madrid. Idol.

Did you know…? Toni Kroos has won 4 UEFA Champions Leagues throughout his professional career: 1 with Bayern Munich, in 2013, and 3 with Real Madrid, in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

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