Bruce Willis fired a gun on set by accident, after aphasia

Mexico City- Since Bruce Willis was diagnosed with aphasia, set problems have increased, colleagues and directors say, including unexpectedly firing a loaded gun on the set of Hard Kill.

In an interview for the LA Times, actress Lala Kent revealed that Willis did not follow directions during the recording and caused a gun to be fired at the wrong time.

“I must think my life is about to end, and then my dad steps in to save the day,” Kent said.

Other co-workers also shared about the actor’s latest work, such as producing White Elephant, who said Willis wondered what he was doing on set.

“It was clear that he was not the Bruce that I remembered,” said director Jesse V. Johnson.

On the other hand, the filmmaker Mike Burns confessed that after the first day of recording in Out of Death he reduced the actor’s lines due to his condition.

“After the first day of working with Bruce, I got to see him firsthand and realized there was a bigger issue at play here and why they had asked me to shorten their lines,” Burns explained.

Last Wednesday, the family of Bruce Willis announced his retirement from acting after being diagnosed with aphasia, a disease that affects language skills.

“Our beloved Bruce is experiencing some health issues and was recently diagnosed with aphasia, which is affecting his cognitive abilities. As a result, and with much consideration, Bruce will be stepping away from his professional career that has meant so much to him.” the notice.

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