Bruno Valdez “gets hooked” with Andrés Vaca for his departure from AméricaMediotiempo


He didn’t like it at all! Bruno Valdezfor the moment, central defense of the eagles of americadid not hesitate to answer Andres VacaTUDN announcer, after he unveiled his supposed exit of the bluecream squad. The element of the media shared that those from Coapa “took a long time” to give the Paraguayan a way out.

Bruno Valdez will no longer be in the America. And look, it took several tournaments for them to realize it. Good decision“, he shared Andres Vaca through his official Twitter account, taking up the information from his professional colleague: Julio Ibanez.

However, this did not stop there, since the Guarani defender responded with “same coin”even wishing that Televisa I ended up firing the one who is called to be the “heir” of Enrique “Perro” Bermudez in media matches.

I hope they don’t take time with you toobecause you leave a lot to be desired Cow. Surely you know what a player adds or subtracts in a locker room. Blessings,” he replied forcefully. Bruno Valdez before the tweet of Andres Vaca. It should be remembered that the defender still has six months left on his contract with the team.

However, it has been reported that Bruno Valdez would be one of the “sacrificed” foreigners of the America club. During the 2022 Apertura, the Paraguayan only played eight games and provided one assist, although he had little activity during the league. The defender arrived at the Eagles in 2017 and helped the team win the Opening 2018two Copa MX and a Champion of Champions.

Subsequently, the soccer player’s wife also counterattacked before the statements of Andres Vacaqualifying it as “pseudo-journalist” and noting that the statistics and the titles speak of the “impeccable” career of Valdez with the America club.

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