Bryan Adams positive for Covid after the New York-Malpensa flight: he had a fever –

from Armando Stella

The rock star (vaccinated with two doses) landed at 1 pm at Milan Malpensa airport. Less than a month ago the first alarm had canceled a performance with Tina Turner. in town for the presentation of its Pirelli calendar

landed at Malpensa airport at 13. A few lines of fever after the Emirates New York-Milan flight. Are you all right, rock star? Control pad, routine verification. He tells healthcare professionals: I am vaccinated with two doses. Nevertheless. At the end of the analyzes, they explain sources of Ats Insubria and the Lombardy Region, the outcome you do not expect: Bryan Adams has Covid. Indeed, and worse: maybe it does still. Hi, I just arrived in Milan and I was found positive for the second time in a month – his message on Instagram between the protected area of ​​Malpensa and the ambulance, towards the hospital, with a photo in which he appears smiling under the mask -. Thanks for the support. Him: landed and immediately in solitary confinement. After his swab: tracing, chain of suspicious contacts, the entire chain of anti-pandemic prevention. The usual refrain.

The songwriter still positive

Singer-songwriter, musician and photographer, 62, successful hits from Run to You to Summer of ’69, from It’s Only Love to Please Forgive Me, a career collected in 26 albums and a gallery of megaconcerts, first position in the charts in 40 countries in the world and a Grammy, the Canadian rock star had already tested positive less than a month ago. On October 30, Bryan Adams had to give up the ceremony of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame honoring Tina Turner (their duet is famous in 1985, look for it on Youtube, it’s worth it): nothing It’s Only Love in memory of the old days, mandatory home quarantine. The artist’s staff had reassured fans with a statement a Billboard: Bryan fully vaccinated and has no symptoms. From asymptomatic to symptomatic (had the infection never passed?).

Between Pretty Woman and the Pirelli calendar

Why Bryan Adams in Milan? To make a leap to the musical Pretty Woman (from the film with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, a classicone) on the bill at the National Theater? The show in piazza Piemonte until 2 January, the Canadian rock star signed the music for the show (together with co-author Jim Vallance), a compilation of romantic and pop songs, the soundtrack of the Eighties. But they have no news of a VIP visit from the theater management. Indeed Adams in Milan for the presentation of the Pirelli calendar of Monday 29 November. The shots of On The Road
, between Los Angeles to Capri. In front of the camera: Cher, Grimes, Jennifer Hudson, Normani, Rita Ora, Bohan Phoenix, Iggy Pop, St. Vincent and Kali Uchis, the stars of 48th edition of The Cal.

Concerts in 2022

And now? Forty. Then something is still known. In March 2022 the new album will be released (the single already in rotation). Bryan Adams is expected to present it in Italy in 2022 for a mini-series of concerts. On 11 February expected at the Palazzo dello Sport in Rome, on 12 at the Mandela Forum in Florence and on 14 February, Valentine’s Day, at the Zoppas Arena in Conegliano. It will land in Fiumicino.

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