Bryan Villarini is moved by a letter sent by a mother

The professional makeup artist and actor, Bryan Villarini, moved many this afternoon by posting a video on his networks in which he reads a letter that a mother sent him.

The letter, which the Primera Hora collaborator read “at length”, began like this: “Bryan, I am writing to thank you. You have been the person who has done the most for my family. Last night with all the intentions in the world, I sat down to watch your interview with La Burbu and put it on for my husband to see. We have a son who dropped out of chemistry to study styling and also 10 months ago he confessed to us that he is gay. My husband hasn’t wanted to see it, not even in painting, since those two pieces of news. Yesterday, although it was almost forced that I managed to sit him down to watch the interview, because he is not one to see anything on networks and less so on YouTube, my husband cried with me. He did not finish seeing you, but he stood next to me, went into the bathroom that we have in the room and called him ”.

In the interview with La Burbu, Bryan talked about the process of growing up and accepting his mother as a person from the LGBTQ+ community. He also said that when he graduated from high school, he lied to his mother and told her that he was going to the University of Arizona to study psychology, when in fact he had been accepted to study makeup for film, theater and television.

Look at the video:

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