BTS’s Jin melts everyone by showing off his toned and wide back shirtless

Kim Seokjin, better known as Jin from btsis without a doubt one of the most handsome idols in the entire industry, being nicknamed the ‘Worldwide Handsome” for always appearing in local media in every part of the world that she visits for her impressive beauty straight out of a Disney movie.

But not only is his face perfect, and a photo of the interpreter of “Epiphany” showing his back while shirtless and apparently cooking, of course the photo soon went viral first on BTS forums and then on social media.

Without a doubt, it can be seen that the 29-year-old boy exercises occasionally and that his genetics and good nutrition are the key to his perfect visuals, and that is that many Asian media have given him the title of “prince of kpop“.

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But Jin not only does he have a perfect physique, he is also very funny and that can be seen in interviews with the other members, social networks, programs he records like “BTS in the SOOP” and others, definitely the ideal boy for many girls, handsome, tall, attentive, very talented and with a funny sense of humor, 100 out of 100.

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