BTS’s Jungkook wows troops with entertaining ‘Judgmental’ moment on M Countdown kpop movie news

bts‘s golden maknae, Jungkook, is once again making headlines, but this time for a sweet and entertaining conversation armies During the pre-recording of his M Countdown performance. Known for his affectionate relationship with fans, jungkookThe latest encounter with ARMYs showcased a new side to him, leaving both him and fans rolling in laughter.
The incident occurred during the pre-recording of Jungkook’s performance on November 15.standing next to you‘, the title track from their recently released album, ‘Golden’. The limited attendance at these shoots creates an intimate atmosphere, fostering close interactions between the idols and the fans lucky enough to be in attendance.
During the recording break, Jungkook shared heartfelt moments with ARMYs, gifted expensive items, attended a surprise fan event, and even accepted requests to sing live. However, it was a seemingly simple act that elicited the most coveted response from Makane.
As Jungkook took a sip from the water bottle on stage, the fans started cheering loudly, causing him to get nervous and make a surprised expression. The unexpected reaction sent ARMYs into a tizzy, with many interpreting Jungkook’s humorous expression as a playful request to “touch the grass.”
The clip of the amusing moment quickly went viral, with fans delighting in Jungkook’s candid and unscripted reactions. The event once again highlighted the unique and heartwarming bond between BTS and their dedicated fan base, bringing joy to both sides of the stage.
In the world of BTS and ARMY, even the simplest moments become cherished memories, and Jungkook’s ‘judgmental’ but playful interaction will definitely add to the list of iconic fan-favorite moments.

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