‘Buddymoon’ or the fashion of going on a honeymoon with friends

After the exhausting task of organizing a wedding comes the long-awaited honeymoon; the moment in which the newly married couple opens their marital status, embarking on their first solo trip as husband and wife under the pretext -in the past- of getting to know each other better. Time passes and customs evolve. Today the spouses no longer drink mead candy -an alcoholic beverage obtained from the mixture of water and honey- during the first full moon after the wedding ceremony, as the Nordics did since the Middle Ages to get the blessing of the gods. and thus ensure the conception of male children, but the name “honeymoon” has been maintained to this day.

The offer of traditional honeymoon trips is endless. The agencies design programs especially aimed at couples to far and not so far destinations. Most are usually romantic proposals that guarantee unique and unrepeatable experiences, ensuring that they will be remembered for a lifetime.

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However, in recent times, a new trend is making its way among traditional honeymoon trips. It’s about the buddymoon, a fashion that is gaining followers day by day, which consists of sharing the honeymoon with close friends and family. Hence its name, which arises from the union of two words, the English words buddy (friend) and moon (moon).

‘Celebrities’ that open the way

Some may remember the surprising buddymoon by Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. The couple, who married in 2015 (and separated two years later), invited a number of friends to their post-wedding trip to Bora Bora, including actors Courtney Cox – the bride’s co-star in friends-, Chelsea Handler and Jason Bateman. They declared that they had done it with the intention of continuing the party and the fun.

It is necessary to extend the celebrations with friends

The ‘buddymoon’ is an extension with the friends of the wedding festivities

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But they are not the only ones celebrities who decided on this option. The same fate and the same formula were used by the singer Meghan Trainor and the performer Daryl Sabara three years later. For their part, the already ex-partner formed by Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, who celebrated their wedding in Los Angeles in 2015, spent the days after the wedding in the company of family and friends on the actor’s private island in the Bahamas, although months more Later they enjoyed their honeymoon alone.

A bachelor party afterwards

The new habits of current couples have led to a majority of spouses in the US (around 70% according to a study by Stanford University), the place where the buddymoon, live together before marriage. For this reason, the honeymoon no longer symbolizes the first shared trip, but rather one more experience that the couple want to enjoy with their closest friends.

Some have the participation of friends in the organization and when it comes to covering expenses

In this sense, there are many types of buddymoon. Some understand it as a bachelor party after the fact and have the participation of their closest friends not only in the organization but also when it comes to covering the expenses.

On other occasions, they are precisely the ones who take charge of the entire organization, which means a load of work that allows the couple to focus on the rest of the details of the link. The trip will be a way to disconnect and rest from stress, relaxing and having a good time in shared activities.

Honeymoon trips with friends combine relaxation and shared activities

Honeymoon trips with friends combine relaxation and shared activities

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Other newlyweds opt for a mixed formula, which combines the classic honeymoon and the buddymoon. That is to say, a part of their trip is carried out in the company of third parties, while the other part is reserved to enjoy alone in a separate destination.

Deciding which companions to travel with is decisive for the success of the journey. It is not easy to do it in a group and the occasion makes it even more necessary for it to be homogeneous and respect the established rules.

What is clear is that times and customs change, but this does not mean that you are obliged to change with them or to give up a traditional honeymoon or your plot of romance… The question would be, would you be willing to buddymoon?

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Invited Various Friends to the Post-Wedding Bora Bora Trip

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