Buffalo Bills vs. Cincinnati Bengals: Damar Hamlin fades after clash in the Bills against Bengals: The game is suspended and will be rescheduled

ANDhe player of the defensive secondary of the Buffalo Bills manager Damar Hamlin had to be taken away by ambulance in the game against Cincinnati, after a heavy collision with Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins in which he received a blow to the chest area, After the play he was able to get up, but a few seconds later he vanished on the field of play.

An ambulance immediately arrived to take the player to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, all the players began to pray together on their knees, for the moment the game is suspended.

Hamlin had to be resuscitated by the medical team and received CPR almost immediately after the incident occurred.

Bills vs Bengals: What happened to Damar Hamlin?

The league will not give any more updates on Hamlin overnight.

During a media call, the NFL said it will not update the medical status of Damar Hamlin at night.

The NFL shares the requests of several players

The league wrote on its official Twitter account: “Our thoughts and prayers are with Damar, his family and the Buffalo Bills.”

The Bills leave the Bengals Stadium

The Buffalo team left the Cincinnati stadium facilities in six trucks escorted by the police.

The coaches did not talk about resuming play at any time.

NFL executive Troy Vincent in a call he stated that while they were in constant communication with those involved: “None of the coaches were talking about resuming play, neither were the players, it was all about Damar… How do you resume play after you’ve seen an event so traumatic?

Stefon Diggs arrives at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center

The Bills wide receiver arrived at the place where Damar Hamlin is after identifying himself with some police officers who had not allowed him access in the first instance.

There will be no press conference at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center

Health officials at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center said that They will not hold a press conference tonight.

The Bills will return to Buffalo

the bills team not stay in Cincinnati.

Hamlin’s vital signs have returned to normal.

One of the player’s representatives public: “Vitals are back to normal and he’s been put to sleep for a breathing tube.” in the throat. They are currently running tests. We will provide updates as we have them.”

Bengals fans cheer at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center

There are already several fans outside the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, where Damar Hamlin is hospitalized.

The NFL issued a statement with the suspension of the game

The league clarified that the game is suspended to be rescheduled, Regarding Hamlin, the NFL wrote the following:

“Hamlin received immediate medical attention at the field by an independent medical team and local paramedics, he was transported to a local hospital where he is in critical condition.”

“Our thoughts are with Damar and the Buffalo Bills, We will provide you with more information as soon as it is available.”

Who is Damar Hamlin?

Damar Romeyelle Hamlin was born on March 24, 1998, play the position of safety on defense for the Buffalo Bills.

The Buffalo team recruited him in the sixth round with the 212th pick in the 2021 Draft.

His college career was at the University of Pittsburgh in which he recorded 185 tackles and had six interceptions.

The NFL Players Association reaffirms its full support for Hamlin

The association posted the following: “The NFLPA and everyone in our community is praying for Damar Hamlin. We have been in contact with players from the Bills, the Bengals, and the NFL. The only thing that matters right now is Damar’s health and well-being.”

Why was the Bills vs. Bengals game suspended from Monday Night Football?

The game was suspended due to the incident in which Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin he ended up fainting on the field of play and was later taken to the Hospital of the University of Cincinnati.

First reports on Hamlin

Fox Sports reporter in Cincinnati, Joe Danneman, public that the player has a pulse but he is not able to breathe on his own.

Hamlin’s mother boarded the ambulance

The ambulance waits for the player’s mother could get on with her son on the way to the hospital.

Hamlin is in critical condition

Unfortunately, the Bills player is in critical condition and has been intubated.

The Bills players went to the locker room

Waiting to know the exact status of player Hamlin, their teammates will not return to the gridiron.

Both coaches met with the referees to agree on the suspension of the game.

Sean McDermot and Zac Taylor met with the officers to agree to the suspension of the match, this until the player’s health is clarified.

Reactions from other NFL teams and players

Robert Griffin II

The former NFL quarterback publicized and He asked please not to share videos about the play and invited to pray for Hamlin’s health.

new york giants

Giants pray for Hamlin and the Buffalo Bills.

JJ Watt

veteran defensive lineman shared a message of support for Hamlin.

Miami Dolphins

The Miami team also joins the requests for Hamlin’s health.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville team sends message of encouragement to Hamlin, his family and the entire Bills organization.

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