Building muscles takes 20 minutes: here’s how

Warning to all those in a hurry: you can follow a circuit to make the body work as a whole, even at home and in less than half an hour

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How many times have we heard the phrase: “I don’t train because I don’t have time: I have children to take to school, a structured job at fixed times, various and eventual commitments “. Sure juggling a busy schedule is a big deal, but giving in to laziness is also a fact. Good news for everyone: you can maintain muscle mass in just 20 minutes – just commit three times a week with an express session to do at home. How to organize it? We asked the expert.


For it to be effective, it is essential to choose the right moment: the morning is the best for doing sports. The body is in fact predisposed to spend energy, while in the evening we are tired of the day, both physically and psychologically. “Heating is essential – explains Elena Buscone, trainer, yoga and pilates teacher -. To get a good start, straighten your arms to the side, then perform 10 rotations to the right and 10 rotations to the left. Then continue with 15 heels-buttocks to prepare the legs for the effort. Put your hands together and lift yourself up towards the ceiling for 10 seconds, in order to stretch the spine as much as possible. Finally, say “no” with the head 5 timesthen “yes” 5 more times, to warm the neck “.


A 20-minute tour to train the whole body. The expert recommends working the lower body first, thighs and buttocksthen the top, arms and abdominal belt, in order to get a complete and varied workout. For best results, it is best to do the circuit three times a week, every other day.


Squat: standing, arms stretched out in front of you, feet parallel a little wider than the width of the pelvis, bend your legs as if to sit looking in front of you, then go up. Repeat this movement 30 times, making sure that the knees remain parallel and that the heels are resting well on the ground. The target? Tone thighs and buttocks the buttocks.

Lunges: standing, standing, back and head straight, dumbbells held, take a long step forward by bending the front knee without going beyond the line of the foot. The rear knee flexes until it approaches the ground without ever touching. In the push-up phase, keep your back straight and your torso in line at 90 degrees. Return to the starting position by contracting the buttock and start again. Exhale in the descent phase, Inhale in ascent. Do 3 sets of 12 reps per leg with one minute rest between sets.

Lateral lift of the bent leg: in quadrupedal position, hands resting on the ground, active abdomen, raise the left leg laterally and bring it to a right angle. Keep your leg in the air for a few seconds, as high as possible, then lower it, and return to the starting position. Do 20 reps on each leg to strengthen your glutes.

The glute bridge: lying on your back, legs bent, both feet resting on the ground, raise your pelvis towards the ceiling and come back without resting your buttocks on the ground. He does the movement 30 times. The exercise allows you to stress the buttocks and work on their curve. It also mobilizes the back of the thigh and lower back.


Triceps: sit on a low table or chair with your hands resting on the sides of your body. Extend your arms by lifting your buttocks from the support, shift your body weight slightly forward then gently lower yourself to the ground by bending your arms and then come back. Here almost all the weight of the body is in the arms, in order to work the triceps to the maximum. Run 4 sets of 10 repetitions and take 45 seconds of recovery between each set.

Abs 1: lie on your back on a mat. He raises his legs in front of you, bent 90 degrees. The hands are placed behind the head and the chin should be lifted from the chest. He imagines a tennis ball under his chin to take the correct position. Then he lifts his torso towards the knees and then comes back. Do 2 sets of 15 reps, with 30 seconds of recovery in between.

Oblique: lie on the floor, hands behind your head, legs bent. Put your right ankle on your left knee. Raise your chest and direct your left elbow towards your right knee making a rotation with your torso. Run 20 repetitions per side. The target? Work on the obliques and the twist.

The abs 2: lie down on the ground, arms along the body and legs stretched upwards, try to lift the pelvis off the ground without pushing with the back, then lower it. Do 20 repetitions. The plank: Stand on your forearms shoulder-width apart and on your toes, hip-width apart. Hold the static position for 30 seconds to start without dropping your belly down, then increase the duration as you go. This makes it work the abdominals and the square of the lumbar region.


The ideal supplement? Cardio training To accompany this muscle strengthening, one session per week is ideal swimming, running, cycling, walking 30 – 40 minutes. In order for this fitness routine to bear fruit, it is necessary to follow a balanced diet, consume both animal and vegetable proteins and control carbohydrate intake without forgetting fruits and vegetables. Before the session, do not forget to take 20 grams of dried fruit and to hydrate yourself well with a glass of water.

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