Bukele responds to criticism from US congressmen: “without them, we are much better off.”

President Nayib Bukele in a recent photo in Nahuizalco.

President Nayib Bukele in a recent photo in Nahuizalco.

President Nayib Bukele responded this morning to criticism from US congressmen and officials about human rights violations during the emergency regime in El Salvador, telling them: “without them, we are much better off.”

The Salvadoran president reported in a tweet that on Monday the 12th there were no homicides in the country, which he took the opportunity to say: “While some congressmen from another country want us to return to the past of death and destruction that El Salvador experienced…”

“We continue to show that, without them, we are much better off,” added Bukele, in what appears to be a response to criticism from congressmen at a hearing before the Human Rights Committee of the United States Congress.

In that hearing, Democratic congressman Jim McGovern expressed his concern about the situation in El Salvador.

“We have members of the press who feel forced to flee El Salvador many times, many people active in civil society do not feel they can say what they believe for fear of being attacked by the government… They receive threats,” he said. . “This reminds me of how many of the stories I heard when I was in El Salvador in 1983, in 1984, and when the war was going on, and so I think it’s a very disturbing trend,” he said.

Two deputy secretaries of the US Executive also expressed concerns about the emergency regime during the hearing.

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