“Bullet train”, a good opportunity to revisit Kotaro Isaka’s novel, days before the premiere of its film adaptation

adaptation of "Bullet train" hit theaters.
Adaptation of “Bullet Train” hit theaters.

The original play “Bullet Train”, by Japanese author Kotaro Isaka, was adapted for the big screen and is now climbing the sales charts, days before the announcement of its premiere in theaters. LThe action novel presents a fantasy journey, between hits, briefcases and dangerous assassins, aboard the Shinkansen bullet trainbased on a simple mission that, due to the interference of many misunderstandings, will speed up his journey from Tokyo to Morioka.

The book narrates a series of adventures in the underworld of contract killers. Isaka begins this story with the introduction of Nanao and Maria, who have an unusual relationship between boss and mercenary; communicated most of the time by telephone, Nanao is described as an expert assassin in breaking necks, whose fate changes the course of his plans frequently., so he considers that he is carrying bad luck; Despite this, he will not give up, since, he assures, he is prepared for everything with a load of multiple accessories that will get him out of trouble

The second protagonist of this story, María is a skilled person in self-defense, who likes to watch series or movies in her spare time and, despite being able to take down multiple opponents in record time, he prefers only to dedicate himself to hiring and paying for the missions of the neck-breaking assassin. She has in mind that she is competent for missions, but she finds it unpleasant and frightening to think about the marks that her enemies will leave, if she enters the battlefield.

On the other hand, Isaka describes the relationship of Lemon and Tangerine, two peculiar and deadly mercenaries willing to shed blood if someone interferes with their goals, the story tells that in the eyes of the clandestine guild to which they belong they are perceived as brothers, this lethal duo is hired by the mobster Minegishi to rescue his kidnapped son, recover the ransom and put an end to the lives of those who dared to betray to the mob leader.

Mandarina gets her nickname from her sweet, approachable personality and Limón from her sour and antisocial character, although they could be considered a disparate group, they act together at the moment of action, they go from a relaxed state to uncontrollable murderous fury that knocks everything down. his step, the events that occurred on board will change a little after the rescue of Minegishi is successfulwho eagerly awaits them to see the results of the mission entrusted to the brothers and thus show that no one comes out of their power unscathed.

This adventure aboard the Shinkansen is plagued by assassins who discover that this unexpected meeting of the criminal guild is not a great coincidence, that is how in this concentration of mercenaries, he finds himself among them. Kimura, a run-down assassin who no one hires, abandoned by his wife and with an extreme taste for alcohol, seeks to kill a young man who calls himself The Prince.because he led Kimura’s son to commit suicide.

The intervention of each of the stories, happens while all the murderers try not to attract the attention of the passengers and achieve their objectives or rewards, the missions of these bloodthirsty mercenaries will lead to various conflicts that seek to be resolved during the journey of the bullet train , turning this route that has a beginning, but in the last station will have unexpected consequences for everyone.

The film adaptation of “Bullet Train” stars Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock, with the special participation of singer Bad Bunny in the role of El Lobofor this version some characters underwent changes as is the case of The Prince, played by the young actress Joey King, the action film is available in theaters.


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