Bungie confirms to be working with Sony on several unannounced games, when will the first one be out?

Recall that the company became part of PlayStation Studios a few months ago

By now everyone probably knows Bungie for his great work with the two videogames of destiny. To this day, the company continues to work hard creating expansions that keep its community made up of millions of users alive, but on the other hand, they are also managing other types of projects with your new partner: sony.

months ago it was confirmed that Bungiethat company that had been responsible for creating Halo (one of the most famous Xbox IPs), it had become part of PlayStation Studios. Luckily for them they will maintain themselves quite independently, and in exchange for this they will have to support Sony in the creation of new GaaS video games (Game as a Service) and online multiplayer. It’s been quite a while since the matter became official, and today we finally have more detailsGet this great deal.

Bungie and Sony are working on several unannounced games

  • The creative director of BungieTom Farnsworth, made a series of very interesting statements through his account of Twitter👀
  • Apparently the studio has completely changed the way they develop video games since they started working on Destiny, going from the traditional model to the model of the games as a service✅✅
  • And right after he adds that, with the support of Sony, they are working on “a number of unannounced projects”❗❗❗
  • In this way, it is indirectly confirmed that Bungie and Sony plan to release several collaborative titles💪🏻

When could the first Bungie and Sony game be released?

Well, precisely very soon it will be two years since the entity declared that they expected publish a new IP before 2025. At the moment we have no more news about this first secret project, but taking into account that there are a couple of years left for that date, it is very possible that throughout this year they will give the first official details.

What do you think the first Sony and Bungie game will be like? Will it be a shooter that will aim to become the great multiplayer benchmark for PS5?

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