Burpees: Indian burpee, the exercise that burns fat, speeds up metabolism and tones up while you sleep

Elena Romero Vargas

Burpees have become very fashionable in the world of fitness, especially in routines designed to lose weight. And it is not for less, because according to the experts it is the exercise
most effective to lose fat. However, burpees require great effort and dynamism to include jumping, and it is not suitable for everyone. The
indian burpee it is the most accessible version and just as effective, especially for people over 50 years of age.

The Indian burpee swaps the push-up for the
spine hyperextension. Its greatest attraction, and oddly enough, is that this exercise helps to
burn fat Y
speed up metabolism as you sleep. It is not any kind of witchcraft, the key is in the repetition. When several continuous repetitions of the same exercise are carried out, the consumption of body fat increases when you enter a state of rest. The key to this technique is

cross fit has popularized burpees, and it is that this exercise works the whole body and enhances skills such as
force and the
resistance. The more demanding variant strengthens all the muscles of the body, but requires a
extra sacrificebecause it combines squats, jumps and push-ups.

For people who
they are not used to to high-intensity physical activity or who suffer from some type of disease this exercise can
harm in excess. Therefore, to get the same benefits without suffering too much, we present the Indian burpee.

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How to do the Indian burpee

Stand up, in
inverted V position (with arms open and legs together). Then do a
squat and, with a small jump, place yourself in position of
upright iron. It is important that in this last step you stretch the spine well, since the great attraction of the Indian burpee is the hyperextension of the spine.

raise your hips and stretch your arms to return to the starting position. Then, perform
three sets of 15 repetitions to complete the training. The key to speeding up your metabolism and making it work especially at rest is to perform several repetitions. Of course, during the exercise leave intervals of a few seconds to
rest between series, and try that your
night rest be of
8 hours for the exercise to take effect.

Benefits of the Indian burpee

The great benefit of this exercise is that
speeds up metabolism Y
promotes fat loss. As very complete intense work is carried out and it is accompanied by the necessary rest so that the body can work correctly, it favors
toning especially from the ages where the accumulation of fat becomes more common. The intense and complete work that it entails will not take long to show its fruits.

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But the benefits do not stop there. This exercise considerably improves your health, since it improves the
cardiovascular health and protects the heart from suffering conditions such as arrhythmias or heart attacks. Also,
prevents all
diseases derived from the accumulation of fat such as being overweight or cholesterol.

One of the objectives of this exercise is
get tired. The continuous repetition of the Indian burpee and its incorporation into your routine guarantees you the
improvement in sleep quality. As it is during rest where it has the greatest effect, a good quality of sleep also favors the
promised weight loss for this exercise.

Of course, before starting this training, put yourself in the hands of a
professionalbecause although it is very easy and affordable for almost all people, if you suffer from some type of
injury or illness this practice can be counterproductive. Therefore, to confirm that you can enjoy all its benefits, consult with a
expert advise you correctly.

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