BUSINESS! Chivas could earn a few million for the sale of a player who is not even in the Flock

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A famous player who went wrong from the rojiblanca institution would be the cause of the people from Guadalajara adding a few dollars to their account.

Chivas vs Veracruz - Opening 2019 Liga BBVA MX
© Jam Media 2019, Jam Media MexicoChivas vs Veracruz – Opening 2019 Liga BBVA MX

In Chivas they continue preparing the presentation at the Clausura 2023; however, new information would have emerged that could generate whatand the rojiblanca institution managed to put a few million dollars to their coffers thanks to a player who is not loved by the fans and that is not even part of the club.

Guadalajara could earn a good amount of greenbacks because the Greek club, Panathinaikos, would be making an offer to the board of Cruz Azul to get the services of Uriel Antuna, which was around 3.5 million dollars and that it was rejected by the celestial squad as reported by the communicator Kery News.

The set of the Pearl of the West could benefit financially of this transaction because some reports indicate that Chivas still owns a percentage of the Wizard’s card, so in case of cOnce his exit to soccer in Europe materialized, it would leave profits for the Flock.

Antuna won the antipathy of the chiverío fans due to multiple circumstances such as his poor performance on the pitch, extra-sports scandals, some statements where He did not close the door to play one day in América and even, for singing a goal to the rojiblancos while already in Cruz Azul.

That is why the followers of the Flock tend to mess with him at any opportunity and proof of this was presented last Friday during the Sky Cup Final, since every time the ball touched, the people in the Akron Stadium he expressed his annoyance with whistles and boos.

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