But how? Jennifer Aniston’s hair is not straight

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Jennifer Aniston has undoubtedly set a trend for her natural beauty and talent since she debuted on the sitcom friends that launched her to fame in the nineties, but something that has always generated appeal is her hair that has influenced several generations with her “Rachel” hairstyle, just like her character in the series.

And in this, the actress of Marley and I, My Girlfriend Polly Y Living with my exhas always played with her hair over the years, from blonde to brown.

As if that were not enough, the actress who created an Instagram account in 2019, usually stands out for her photos without a filter, saying that the important thing is to feel good, since at 53 she knows that keeping fit (physically and mentally) is as relevant as the air you breathe in the morning.

In an interview for ‘Vogue’Jennifer spoke that she is more than comfortable with her hair and the style that she has cultivated for years, because when she decides to innovate, she usually does not like it at all.

“I like Californian blonde highlights. It’s cozy, it makes me feel better. … I have very wavy hair, so it creates a challenge when I style it, but when it’s long it can go wavy, natural or straight and it will behave as it should”he pointed out.

For this reason, Chris McMillan, Aniston’s hairdresser, pointed out during a gala how unexpected it was for her to wear her natural hair. “It was a great honor to be part of it. Curly and wavy hair is Jennifer’s natural”he explained.

Jennifer Aniston also confessed to Glamor about how he explored his curly. “I love my hair when it’s straight”said. “When I was a kid, I had really long, straight hair all the way down to my butt, under my butt, actually. And then when my mom gave me the authority to do whatever I wanted with my hair, I cut it off by mistake. everything. And then when it started to grow, I found out it was curly.”.

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