Butter’s request to a woman who owes her 7 million pesos

The owner of Inversiones 3.14, Wilkin García Peguero, better known as ¨Butter¨, he asked one of his clients to ¨hold out¨ until he can pay his clients.

This was verified by means of an audio sent to the ¨Your Morning Diary¨.

¨I imagine that you know the pressure I have and I’m not falling dead. You have to resist and tell all those people that their room is going to be paid for, resist and act like a fucking woman…¨, she said.

He concluded by saying ¨resist and tell him that you will pay for his room when I give it to you¨.

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According to the female complaint, she invested more than 7 million pesos, so that the entrepreneur multiplied it, but so far it has not complied.

The client also said that what she most regrets about the situation is that this sum of money did not only belong to her.

How will the president of 3.14 Investments pay what he owes?

“What’s coming is great for Sabana (Grande de Boyá)!”. Thus exclaimed Wilkin García Peguero, better known as Butterwhen last Thursday afternoon he made what many considered his “triumphal entrance” to said municipality in the Monte Plata province, while dozens of people listened to him to find out how he will pay the money he owes to his investors.

After Butter was applauded when he arrived in his town, escorted by several men, he promised that his company, 3.14 Investments WorldWide SRL, will be extended to other regions of the country and he also said that progress will come to the sabaneros with their business. However, he explained what the payment process would be like after several weeks away, with “investors” eager for their money.

«We made a payment design that we made public. Proportionally we are going to pay. You know that we have not been able to pay in one fell swoop because we cannot decapitalize the project », Butter explained while all the attention in front of his company’s facilities was directed towards him.

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Butter assured that he received an amount from the banks that he supposedly has not used, because, he says, he has not had profits as an institution. «We need time and space, that you receive your money proportionally; one day they touch some»requested the president of 3.14 Inversiones, who did not make it clear how the payment method will be to the people who owe them, and it has not been reported how much the debt amounts to

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